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Today, in honor of World Autism Awareness Day, I’m showcasing Lulus whose lives have been touched by Autism. While Autism affects more and more families each year, there is still very little known about it. Below, I’ve selected a wide range of books about Autism. Lulu has provided these authors, and many more, an outlet for their voice which may have otherwise been overlooked.

My brother is not specialMy Brother Is NOT Special!
by Samantha & Tyler McLeod

Samantha wonders why her brother, Tyler, is always called “special.” Although he has Autism, she sees him as no different than anyone else. She observes him and comes up with a very interesting conclusion.

This is Samantha McLeod’s second book following the popular award winning book “Normal.” She continues to write about her experiences with a brother who has Autism.

Kids with autism can

Kids With Autism Can
by Katie Murwin

This book wasn’t written to create false hope. Just hope.

A portion of the proceeds from this book will benefit Kids With Autism Can, a not-for-profit organization aimed at helping children with Autism work toward independence through therapy and education. Please visit our website at kidswithautismcan.org.

Mr. Topaz

Stepping Through PRT with Mr. Topaz Takes a Walk

by Tracey Jude, MT-BC

Pivotal Response Treatment (PRT) is a successful technique in the treatment of autism. This book includes the popular story, “Mr. Topaz Takes a Walk”, and guides you through the application of PRT for speech development and behavior management. 61 pages. Full color. Spiral bound.

A potion of the proceeds from the sale of this book support Autism research and education.

Why is he differentWhy Is He Different?
by Linda Fox, Milos Trando, Kris Byrnside

A children’s book that deals with the serious issues of Autism, PDD, and ADHD. The soothing illustrations, soft tone and bright characters will leave your child with an open mind, and a light heart – one of compassion and understanding.