Help Me Pick the Perfect Mother's Day Gift – Please!

letterMay is the month of mom — especially in my family.

Mom’s birthday is the day before Mother’s Day. She’s a real-life Wonder Woman who certainly deserves all the extra attention. But I feel pressure this year to make her gift extra special because this birthday is her big 5-0 (sorry to divulge that, mom!). I want a gift that’s both sentimental and memorable, something that no one else could give her. There’s no better place to look than Lulu, but I can’t decide what to make.

Growing up, mom wanted to be a photographer for National Geographic. So I’ve thought about making a Lulu photo book full of her best pictures mixed in with maps that show where she was when she took them.  I can completely customize it and make a nice, personalized, hard cover book that she’d be proud to display on her coffee table.

Then again, mom also likes to cook, and she has all these recipes that have been passed around our whole family. So another thought is to create a personalized Lulu cookbook full of our family’s favorite dishes.  That’d be great for preserving delicacies like my grandmother’s delicious sweet potato casserole and seven layer cookies.  I even have handwritten recipes and pictures of food I could upload. The cookbook could live on in our family, with regular updates as we collect new recipes.

My mom is also very busy and could always use help with her schedule.  So maybe a personalized Lulu calendar with photo birthday and anniversary reminders would do the trick.  I can pull in pictures of our family and her friends directly from Facebook so it should be pretty simple.  I know she’d use it every day, too.

What do you think? What Lulu creation has gotten the best reaction for you?

I’m hoping you can help me pick out the perfect gift, and get a few ideas of your own. Right now you can save 15% on all photo books and calendars (use code MOM15 at checkout) so it’s a great time to make mom a remarkable present.

Hurry though, Mother’s Day is only 2 weeks away.

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  1. Before my mother in law passed away, I got family and friends to write her notes and give me pictures with possible captions. I compiled the stuff into a memory book that was a bit more wordy than just a picture album so we made it via the paperback lulu creation method. I hear she read it several times that year.

  2. This is an easy answer for me. Absolutely, positively go with the first idea of her photos with maps. I am a daughter, as well as a mom, and I can tell you that one thing a mom needs is an appreciation for the things that she loves to do. Sure, she loves to cook, but sometimes, that can be a chore. A calendar is great, but once again, a reminder of all the things she needs to do. By taking her own pictures and making them into something that she never had the time to do, it will show her that you care about her interests. And, it will remind her that she needs to take time for herself, which, to me, is the whole point of Mother’s Day. I, too, enjoy taking scenic photos and if my kids or husband did that for me, it would probably be the most sentimental gift ever received. However, at the ripe old age of 32, I don’t think my 10 or 3 year old will be putting that together any time soon.

    The first idea is definitely the best. She will appreciate it on a much more emotional level and treasure it always. It shows you care about her in a way that she doesn’t know. If your mom is anything like mine, she may even shed a few tears of joy over it. (Secretly, that is often my goal when giving gifts to my own mother!)

    Good luck!

  3. I recommend Summer of the Pigeon for a good read. You can find it here on Lulu. The book is for moms of all ages and is a memoir about one of my best summers as a mother.

  4. A personalized calendar is one of the more classic but still much appreciated gifts there is.

    It’s pretty cool as well especially if you put in the calendar funny pictures of you or your loved ones highlighting things you did that same month of the previous year.

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