From the Vault: What Makes a Good Press Release? How to get the word out in 5 steps

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Press ReleaseMarketing your work can seem more challenging than actually finishing it, but that’s just because you might not know where to start. A while back, Lauren Parker wrote a great post about creating a press in 5 Steps. With all the recent requests for guidance about self-marketing your work, I thought it would be a great time to highlight Lauren Parkers‘s helpful post. I’m certain that her advice will help you get the word out and get your book the attention it deserves. Enjoy!


In the world of blogs, tweets and social networking, creating buzz around your book is easier than ever. But how do you reach reporters from traditional media? The traditional press release is still a great way to let people know of your newest book project.

Wait! How do I achieve fame and fortune with a traditional press release you ask. We can’t guarantee fame and fortune but with these five steps and a little elbow grease, you will be well on your way.

Try these steps when putting together your next release:

1. Keep the editor(s) in mind. Hundreds of releases vie for their attention each week, so make yours relevant and accurate.

2. Write your press release!  Keep these things in mind while crafting your release-

  • Be catchy! Write a headline that grabs attention and summarizes your main point. Then, because the first paragraph is often the only one that’s read, make sure it covers who, what, when, where, why and how.
  • Be brief. Keep your release to one page or 400 words. The end.
  • Be current. Highlight something about your product in your release that’s relevant to current events.
  • Be available. Make sure you put your current contact information (E-mail, phone number, fax…) so that those that are interested can reach you.

3. Create a relationship! With your local lifestyles, arts section, book reviewers, local bookstores and editors. The more they know about you and your book the more willing to read your press release.

4. Send it out! Either to a targeted list of regional and local reporters or an e-press release over a news wire service – choose a list that you can handle when following up.

5. Ask for help. If you’re having trouble, visit Lulu Services and look into a professional press release.

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  1. I so appreciate all of the support that LULU has offered me. I self published July 2009 and my literary world has really opened up. I’m still a work in progress but always learning. Thanks a million.

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