Lulu Lens: Highlighted Discussion – Pre-Publication Marketing


Recently in the forums, mark_sheldon1221 made a post about Pre-Publication Marketing that generated some interesting discussion. Mark asked:

“Since I’m not going to be publishing the first book for another nine months, is there any way to set up some sort of marketing here on Lulu that I can refer users to between now and publication?”

Several of our forum mainstays like Keith Dixon and veinglory have chimed in with suggestions for Mark. What are your thoughts? Should you market your book before it’s released? What are the pros and cons?

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  1. Jon-Lee Paul Butler

    If, the free version of self-publishing your book is anything of the same to go by on, then no do not pre-market your book.
    I uploaded a manuscript for a free version, I believe it had Google enabled as far as being searched for over the internet, but if it had gone on the market then my newer version that I paid a publishing package for would of been ruined for already being available.

  2. Personally I would recommend at least a minisite (a small website) which uses keywords etc to get related hits and a subscription form whereby viewers can send their email address to you if they are interested in your book. Once your book is ready you can email those people and thereby already have a few sales and a start to the marketing of your book.

    You’ll need to research ‘SEO’ if you want your site to generate a lot of interest for your book but you should ‘fish where the fish are’ – think about who your target audience are and where they might hang out (online and off) and promote your book in those places.

    It’s always the people who think that they don’t need a website that actually do best from having one.

  3. If you’re self-publishing, marketing is vital at every step of the way.

    I started a blog to promote and inform about my book over 2 years before its eventual release.

    And don’t feel that you have to give your book away in order to promote it. Post character bios, or post reviews of other books in your genre to generate interest.