Here at Lulu, our goal is to help you sell more books.  One of the ways we do this is by providing you with a variety of service options to help you out during the publishing process – from start to finish.

When you buy services from Lulu, you’ll be assigned a project coordinator who will help guide you along the way and answer any questions you may have about your service.

The following are some of what I believe are the best services for getting your book looking its best from the inside out.

Editorial Analysis

Your book is the product of your passion and creativity brought to life by many sleepless nights and empty coffee mugs. You’ve read and re-read it at least two thousand times and there’s no telling how many friends and family members you’ve passed it onto to proofread it too. Why not give someone else a chance to see your book?

Do you know when to use the “em” dash versus an “en” dash? No? Well, I don’t either, but our editors do. They can quote Chicago Manual of Style the way I quote my favorite movies. Our Editorial Analysis service lets one of our experienced editors review your manuscript for inconsistencies in plot and character development, common typos and readability.

The constructive criticism you receive from someone who has never met you is priceless.  You’ll receive a document outlining, in detail, any areas where your manuscript could use some improvements, a sample edit, and a quote for a full copy edit.

Though we always recommend you purchase a full edit, you have our promise that we will in no way pressure you to go forward with the full edit if you choose not to.

Premium Cover design

I’m going to let you in on a little Lulu Services secret.  We are in love with the Premium Cover design service. When we get your files back from our fantastic design team, we ooh and ahh and show each other how wonderful the covers that will soon be gracing your book are.  We each do this at least five times a day.

We see a lot of book covers, and we are still amazed. Imagine what your readers will think.

We love book covers because each and everyone is beautiful and unique.   A good design says you’ve also worked hard on the inside. It’s the entry point to your book, the thing that says “Come read me! I am amazing!”  It’s the exclamation point on a sentence with perfect grammar and the perfect pair of shoes for your favorite dress.

The service allows a high level of customization. Your project coordinator will work with the designers and you to get the best cover you can.  After working with your coordinator to determine your needs, you’ll get two initial designs and then two rounds of changes to your design.

The hardest part will be picking which design is your favorite.

globalReach Distribution

It finally happened. Your book is done. Now what?

It’s time to unleash your book upon the world with GlobalReach distribution. If you have an eligible size, an ISBN and your meets our mandatory distribution requirements, you’re just a few clicks from distribution.

We know you worked hard to get to this point, which is why we’ll distribute the book for you –  all over the world.

Though you earn more when your book is sold directly from Lulu, GlobalReach distribution will allow your book to appear on, and in the Ingram’s database.

Books that go through our distribution channels are able to reach thousands of people, and we do all the work for you.