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What is Wattpad?
Wattpad is the world’s largest eBook community, and a platform for remarkable writers, just like you, to connect with readers, collaborate with fellow authors, and expand your fan base.

How many authors & readers use Wattpad?
Over 10 million authors and readers visit Wattpad every month, including the active author message board as well as
Facebook and Twitter (@wattpad) communities. Through these channels, your stories will be “liked” on Facebook, “tweeted” on Twitter, and voted for on by the community, expanding your promotional reach.

How can sharing my work with Wattpad help me?

Allowing your stories to be read for free on Wattpad will give you 24/7 access to your reader’s imagination. Your new fans will give you impressions, suggestions, comments and insights into which story lines are resonating, and which characters are most compelling. Trying out a new genre? Ask your new fans for feedback. Think of it as a marketing research focus group just for your project.

Your newest fans will want to give back. They want to be a part of your life, just as your words have become a part of theirs. Authors on Wattpad have found artists to create original artwork for their books, editors offering complimentary services in appreciation for remarkable storytelling, and promoters willing to sing there praises, simply because they’ve become such big fans.

What are authors saying about Wattpad?
“I just wanted to say what a brilliant idea you had with Wattpad. I really love the site! It gives me immediate feedback and the encouragement needed to keep pushing through 100K+ words over long periods of time. I have never had a negative experience with any of the users, and there seems to be a level of respect established all around. It is wonderful!” – Jolyn Palliata, author of Impending Reprisals

How do I get started on Wattpad?

Signing up for Wattpad is free and takes just a few seconds. Start your Wattpad experience by clicking

Featured Story
Wattpad is also looking for new stories from Lulu authors to include in the
Featured Works section. To be considered, simply sign up for a Wattpad account and email

Marketing on Wattpad
Checkout this great
link, dedicated to how best to optimize you Wattpad experience. From blogging to making connection, Wattpad’s got you covered.