Blog Maintenance

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2942026934_17963107c0_o The Lulu blog will be down for a short period Monday night, and we won’t be able to add new posts or accept new comments during that time. We’re making some improvements behind the scenes so that we can add new features in the coming months to benefit our loyal readers. The most significant change right now is the Web address. It will become But don’t worry. We’ll automatically reroute readers who visit our old one. We’ll let you know when the blog is back in business. Thanks for your patience.

And… we’re back! Everything went along without a hitch. The biggest change you may have noticed is that the new address for the blog is There will be more updates in the near future, so we’ll be sure to keep you informed as changes take place. Stay tuned for more details. Same bat time. Same bat channel. Or, blog for that matter.

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