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I’ve been into comic books and graphic novels since I was a kid. My taste has changed a bit, but I will still stay up late to go to the midnight release of the Scott Pilgrim’s Finest Hour at Chapel Hill Comics. Today is also the first day of San Diego Comic Con, the largest event in comics, and so I wanted to give some focus to some cool indie comics on Lulu.

Wapsi Square

By Paul Taylor

A wrench has been thrown into the comfortable Minneapolis neighborhood of Wapsi Square. Monica Villarreal, a young and skeptical museum anthropologist crosses paths with an Aztec deity and all cards are thrown to the wind. More than questioning her own sanity she slowly begins to question the world around her and the very history books that she holds sacred. Helping keep Monica grounded are her friends; Amanda, a motherly but cynical professional photographer, Shelly, a tough tomboy yet girly-girl mechanic and Daren the sage bartender at the local pub. Through a blend of humor and macabre undertones, enter the world of Wapsi Square and leave the reality you know at the door.

NERVOUS BREAKDOWNS: The Art of LeSean Thomas Vol.1

By LeSean Thomas

From the Lead Character Designer and Co-Director of Aaron McGruder’s “The Boondocks” animated series on Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim, comes the unique, hip hop-driven vision of one of today’s most dynamic and prolific new animators/artists, LeSean Thomas. Forward by Daytime Emmy Award Winning Producer/Art Director Jeff Matsuda ( “The Batman”, and “Jackie Chan Adventures”)

Real Life – The Greg’s Notes Edition
By Greg Dean

Your time is valuable. So when you’re confronted with an online comic with nearly 2,000 comic strips, spanning over eight years, you might be inclined to just pass on by — who has that kind of time? Certainly not you. This book can change that. In these pages, you can find the nitty-gritty details that tell you what you need to know to get you up to speed on the web’s first semi-autobiographical pseudo-daily four-panel comic named Real Life. But not only that — prepare your funny bone for a full-fledged tick-ling, because in addition to the need-to-knows, you’ll also be privy to a number of fan-favorite strips, lovingly stashed between the “who’s” and the “what’s”, and sprinkled around the “when’s” and “why’s”. The “where’s” will be left alone and untouched, just in case you think we’ve gone too far. So gird your loins, because once you reach the end of this book, there’s no going back — you’ll officially be a Real Life Reader™.

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  3. Ben Carruth

    I can heartily recommend Paul Taylor’s comics. My wife and I’ve been reading Wapsi Square since 2001. We talked about the comic during our second date. The third was moving her stuff over to my place (and the rest is eight years and counting of history). Coincidence, or the magic of the comic? Read for yourself to find out.

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