I’ll be the first one to admit it- I love blogs. They’re resources for information, inspiration, and ideas. Plus, blogs are perfect venues for marketing your book. It’s a great way to get your book noticed.

Why market your book on a blog?
It’s an inexpensive way to get your book out to lots of people in your target market- all at once. If you play your cards right, your book could get quality exposure at a really low cost.

Do your research – and participate.
This is the crucial step—finding the right blogs. Think about your market. Where does your average reader hang out online? Read a lot of blogs (really read them) and figure out where your book fits best. Start commenting on posts, subscribing to feeds, and mentioning snippets you liked in various social media endeavors. Always be nice! Bloggers will be glad to have a new active reader.

Give a little to get a little.
One of the best ways to get mentioned is to give a blogger something relevant to them. Once you’ve identified bloggers that you think would be interested in your material, send them a sample copy of your book. I’d write a little note saying why you think they’d like it and follow up with an email. Don’t be pushy; if you’ve done your research and sent your book to the right blogger, they’ll be interested.

Make friends.
We’ve all heard it before – “it’s not what you know, it’s who you know.” Get to know the people behind your favorite blogs. Email. Comment on posts. Talk about the weather, your pet rabbit, their new obsession with kite-flying. Build quality relationships with these people. They’ve got great stories, I assure you. They might just inspire your next work…