Help Us Stay Vigilant

Slashdot is pointing out that it is possible, and occasionally does happen, that some scoundrel will steal content and try to sell it on Lulu in direct violation of our terms and conditions. (See the third paragraph of our member agreement.) While we’re still investigating the specifics of this particular incident, plagiarism and other content issues cause trouble for almost all public Internet sites — Slashdot has even been the victim of questionable or inaccurate content from time to time.

The Internet’s and Lulu’s best defense against the dishonest among us is to harness the 99 percent of honest Internet users to monitor and notify us of any illegally posted material as soon as they see it. That’s why we fully endorse Slashdot’s efforts to remind us all “the price of honesty is eternal vigilance” (with apologies to Wendell Phillips).

If you ever find questionable content on Lulu, do not hesitate to click the “Report This Content to Lulu” link at the bottom of every content page or email us at We will always act swiftly to protect the intellectual property and hard work of authors.

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  1. Is there any software that automatically checks for plagiarized contents?

  2. This is good, Can we use this in any low spic of my PC?

  3. I could use one, thanks for sharing.. I never heard about it before.