October 2010

Trick or Treat? Why Not Both…

2 min readIt’s Halloween in the Lulu office and I thought it’d be fun to share some of the great costumes people have been wearing all day. Each year, Lulu team members break out their biggest wigs, their goofiest glasses and their… Continue Reading →

The Skeleton Goes Next to the Table: An Author Success Story

2 min readThis post is one in a series featuring Lulu author success. To share your own story, email us at For most, purchasing a dream house is a once in a lifetime moment. Picking out the right colors, furniture and… Continue Reading →

Celebrating Book Birthdays

3 min readPublishing your first book is a very special occasion. What once may have been nothing more than a faint idea, something quietly lingering in the recesses of one’s mind, becomes a physical reality upon publication. Holding the first printed copy… Continue Reading →

What’s in a Name?: Picking Your Book’s Title

2 min readNow that you have poured your heart and soul onto every page of your Lulu book, here comes the real dilemma…what about the title? Yes, the title. It’s hard to imagine that those couple of words will be the first… Continue Reading →

How to Market Your Book:Blog #2

1 min readGet Your Book Into Influential Hands We recently asked 1,000 of our bestselling authors to share their secrets to success. While the responses covered everything from taking out radio spots, to promoting at family reunions, there was one universal theme… Continue Reading →

How To Get Your Book Into Libraries

4 min readA question that keeps popping up around the Lulu community is “How do I get my book(s) into a library?” Libraries can provide a great way to reach new readers that, otherwise, may not find out about your books. There… Continue Reading →

New Feature: Basic Cover Design Service

2 min readThe Lulu Services team has recently launched a new basic cover service designed to help you get a professionally designed cover at an affordable price. We now offer 11 templates, inspired by the designs of best selling books, to give… Continue Reading →

Lulu Lens: How Do You Define A Successful Project?

1 min readOne of the big projects we’re currently working on is reviewing how effective our publishing wizard is. It’s purpose is to help you get your book ready for publishing, and so we’re looking at ways we can improve on that… Continue Reading →

Marketing Tip of the Week: Get the Word Out

2 min readEmail your friends and colleagues: Email is a great way to get the word out on your book, and who better to support you than those you already know. Explain why you wrote the book and what it is about…. Continue Reading →

Bedtime Stories Contest

1 min readBedtime stories are the best. They take you to magical kingdoms in faraway lands where, once upon a time, princes and princesses lived fairy tales lives. If you’ve ever dreamed of writing your own, now is a perfect time to… Continue Reading →

Reluctance to Renown: Nobel Prize Winning Books

1 min readWe’re big fans of books here at Lulu, so the office has been abuzz today about the recipient of the 2010 Nobel Prize for Literature, Mario Vargas Llosa. The 74-year-old Peruvian writer is the first South American author to win… Continue Reading →

Market Your Prose Like the Pros with the New Discount Manager

2 min readThis week we released a powerful new tool to help authors sell more books in their most profitable sales channel —   The new Discount Manager gives you the ability to set discounts on your books across our site, either… Continue Reading →

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