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One of the features Lulu authors most frequently ask for is the ability to offer books at a discounted price.  Lulu has listened, and today we have released the new Lulu Discount Manager. Now our authors are free to take a percentage off the list price of their books in the Lulu Marketplace. It is a great way to gain new readers for your works and reward your loyal fans. And with the holiday season just around the corner, now is the perfect time to offer your readers a special deal. I’m sure you’re anxious to start using this great new feature, so here are some tips for how you can easily start setting discounts for your works with the new Lulu Discount Manager.

Both Lulu authors old and new can set discounts for their works.

When you log into Lulu and visit your “My Lulu” page, you’ll notice the new “discount” column in your projects list. It is important to note that any discounts you make will deduct from the list price of your works. And you cannot set a discount at a price lower than it costs to manufacture your book.

Already Published?

If you already have a book published in the Lulu Marketplace, the easiest way to set a discount is to click the discount sticker next to your book’s title in your project list. In the window that pops up, enter the discount percentage you’d like to set. In this window, you can see the price for your work, the percentage of savings you’re passing on to your readers and your total revenue after the discount.  You can remove your discount at any time.

Discounting a New Work or Revision:

If you’re publishing a new work to sell on the Lulu Marketplace, or creating a revision of an old one, you can change the discount pricing during the publishing process. You’ll find discount information on your book’s “price” after the “description” page if you’re discounting a print book and after the “DRM” page if you’re discounting an eBook. Just click the “set discount” button and use the discount manager pop-up window to set your discount savings.

If you decide at the last minute to set a discount before you publish, don’t worry. You can also edit your discount pricing on the “review” page for your book by clicking the “edit” button under the “Lulu Pricing and Creator Revenues” heading. This handy table will show you your book’s discounted price on the Lulu Marketplace compared with the list price elsewhere.

At Lulu, we’re all about helping authors reach more readers. And the new Lulu Discount Manager will help you drive more awareness to your works and stand out from the competition. The Discount Manager is great for seasonal sales or for book events like an upcoming release. It all goes back to Lulu’s goal to provide authors with complete control over their works and helping them sell more books. Happy discounting.