New Feature: Basic Cover Design Service

The Lulu Services team has recently launched a new basic cover service designed to help you get a professionally designed cover at an affordable price.

We now offer 11 templates, inspired by the designs of best selling books, to give you an idea of what visual aesthetic you like.  Though the designs are template based, the elements are changeable enough so that every cover will look different. We can use one image from our extensive image library or you can provide one to us.  Colors, images, fonts, and line sizes can be changed easily. You’ll even get two rounds of revisions at no cost.

Why did we make the switch to template-based covers?

We realized the previous service description wasn’t clear and we didn’t like telling you we couldn’t fulfill your request without giving you a reason why. We also realized a lot of authors aren’t sure what they want, but know what they like. With our new basic cover service, your expectations will be set correctly and met accordingly. We might even surprise and delight you.

The basic cover service is different from the Wizard Cover Designer. The Wizard offers great options for designing your own cover, but the basic cover service is a professional design created outside of the Wizard.  You’ll be provided two .jpg files to approve before publishing. If you have a services pack, we’ll even upload it to your project and publish your book for you.

There are so many decisions to be made in writing, editing and publishing your book.  By providing you with our professionally designed templates, our service will help streamline one more part of the process.

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  1. Is it possible to design one’s on typography for a basic cover or is that an extra expense? It’s free on Blurb, no?

  2. AJ


    I’m not entirely clear on what you’re asking. “Is it possible to design one’s own typography for a basic cover…” If you’re asking if it is possible for you to design and use your lettering/font on your cover, yes it is free. Same for using a font in the cover wizard. If you’re asking if it’s possible for one of our designers to design a font for you to use, then that would be an extra cost. As far as I am aware, no service offers custom designs for free. I will also point out that Lulu is absolutely free to use, with no upfront cost. We are the only company that offers authors 80% of their revenue and we have the largest global distribution network to get your book in front of more readers like Apple’s iBookstore.

  3. Venzan Widow


    I’ve been thinking really hard about what kind of cover i could use for my book I’m writing… Could you tell me anything? It’s about a girl and a Vampire… And i just don’t know what to use yet… I’ve thought about using one of my drawlings, but then again I just don’t know…

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