At one time or another, we’ve all come across “that guy.”  You know, the guy who tries to check out in the 15 items or less lane with at least 30 things in his cart.  Or the guy who tries to beat the read light, only to clog up the intersection – leaving you stuck at a green light.

Of course if you’re anything like me, you may have been “that guy” more times than you care to admit.  You may also be in the position of having “that guy” on your holiday shopping list this year.

You really like “that guy.”  After all, he’s most likely family or a very close friend.  You want to see him shed his misguided ways in time for the New Year.  So this begs the question:  what do you get “that guy” for the holidays?

Here are a few gift ideas I came up with, right here on

Reader’s Digest Quotable Quotes: Wit & Wisdom for Every Occasion
by Reader’s Digest

So for me, “that guy” is my buddy who constantly screws up famous quotes. We all know this guy and sometimes it can be painful. It seems like they always have a famous quote teed up for nearly any situation. Unfortunately, those quotes are taken mostly from the Austin Powers movie trilogy.  Sure, it was hilarious in the 90s, but “that guy” really needs something more with the times, or at least accurate.

Wine Lover’s Devotional: 365 Days of Knowledge, Advice, and Lore for the Ardent Aficionado
by Jonathan Alsop

For the guy who strives to be the ultimate authority on wine, talking endlessly about aroma and tannins.  However, his audience seldom changes, and his observations, while insightful, tend to repeat themselves… a lot.

The Complete How to Speak Southern
by Steve Mitchell

For the guy who spent his whole life in the north, but decided to try his hand in the warm and hospitable south.  If the prolonged presence of the sun doesn’t shock him, some of traditional slang terms will.  Don’t let him be “that guy,” give him a shot at fitting in.