I’m honored to have Lorraine Holloway-White guest blog today. Lorraine has done well in establishing not only herself, but other authors as well through her website Authors on Show. Lorraine is a leader in the Lulu community and can often be found helping others on our Facebook page. Lorraine feels so strongly about her Lulu experience, that she has asked to write a post for our blog.

Author Lorraine Holloway-White

“In My Eyes, Lulu is the Best”
By Lorraine Holloway-White
Author of A Sceptical Medium

Just over a year ago I was a housewife who was pretty unfulfilled. Today, I am an author, public speaker and natural medium/healer who is well respected the world over.  A lot of this is thanks to Lulu as I am also now a published author.

When I started writing, I was seen on a writing site and signed within a month by an agent, who has sadly turned out to have done nothing much for me. My agents told me to get “well-known” so I set up a site called, Authors on Show (AOS) where I would promote authors and they would promote the site. In less than seven months, we have been voted one of the best sites for writers in the world and reached the final top twenty. Sadly we didn’t win, but what an achievement in such a short space of time. I was also voted for and came 19th in the innovation category in the Twitter Shorty Awards for AOS. I also have a private blog called, A Sceptical Medium, which is also the name of my two self published books. The first book was nominated in the books section of the Shorty Awards and came first.

During the year I have been with my agents, I had lots of people asking where they could buy my books. I had nowhere to send them though as they weren’t published and then I heard of Lulu. In order to give something to people asking, I produced two books from my blog, which also contain excerpts from three other books that my agents are meant to be trying to sell to publishing houses. What an amazing find Lulu was – I cannot praise them highly enough.

The quality of the books they produce is superb and the after care service is amazing. I’m using so many superlatives, but in my book, there aren’t enough in the English language to describe how much I think of Lulu and their staff. The delivery times are extraordinary. I order books and within about 5 days maximum I have them here ready to sell. I had a problem with distribution and they did all they could to help. They have now sorted it for me and I am very grateful, so thanks again team.

I hear people complain from time to time when things go wrong, but it saddens me as the staff go out of their way to do all they can to help us out wherever humanly possible. Take note, humanly possible. Some things are not able to be sorted so quickly and we have to show patience on these occasions.

All in all, I love Lulu, have so much to be grateful to them for and would highly recommend anyone wanting to self publish a book to use them – in fact, I already have to all my authors around the world.