Lulu Support and Connect Update

As many of you are aware, a couple weeks back we launched a new forum and knowledge base platform, Lithium. Since then, we have been monitoring the feedback from our users, and thus far the new platform has been received quite positively. In fact, we’ve even seen some of our longtime customers return to the forums that we haven’t heard from in quite sometime – praising the new system.

We also launched Lithium with the objective of creating a clear distinction between “Support” and “Connect“. Our intention is to have the Support page be the home for issues requiring direct Lulu team member involvement, while Connect is meant to be focused on “self-service” support with our knowledge base and community of fellow users. We have reinforced that distinction consistently within Connect, and we have our users helping to reinforce it with newer customers. In the past week, we have seen over 500 posts made to the new boards, and we continue to receive positive feedback on the changes we have implemented.

Over the coming weeks, we will continue to solicit feedback from our users, and we’ll be setting up polls to help gather that data. Please check the Connect home page to see the active polls on the right-hand side. We’ll also be looking at ways to increase activity and engagement, and we welcome any suggestions you may have.

Congratulations to the Project Team and all who supported the efforts in getting Lithium launched and off to an incredibly successful first couple weeks.

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  1. Juan Rivera

    I am most pleased with the direction lulu is going, very encourging, I want to thank lulu for all this site has done to improve the experience of poetry, for every kind of poet…! I am pleased that poets were heard and the pen still is king…

  2. Ethel

    I jave definitely decided to publish a memoir throug LULU, but have been unable to get some very basic pieces of information regarding recommended FONT SIZE, LINE SPACING and BORDERS for the manuscript.

    I know from past history, some books I have picked up are difficult to read because the print is too small, but I have no idea how to choose.

    1) Does the recommended size of the font change based upon the size of the finished book I choose?

    2)Is there a formula which I could use for the spacing depending on the size of the chosen font?

    3)What are the recommended borders for each page? (I recognize that the right side pages (using odd numbers) would have the wider border on the left to allow for binding whereas the left sided pages would have the reverse, but I have no idea what numbers to select.

    Thanks in advance for your prompt reply.


  3. Arkay

    I attempted to connect and resolve the lost poems issue with support with no result. I was very hopeful considering the direction Lulu was going and have 9 projects that I was publishing through the company. If I can just get some help recovering my work, I can continue my projects. Help? Thanks.

  4. Umesh

    Hi Friends,

    Please Help me…

    I am publishing one book in Lulu, While Entering Meta Data getting lot of problem.

    My book Author name in Cover page “JEFFREY D. VOUDRIE, CFP” I have entered This one only.

    But it is not accepting, It will showing error Author name.
    The information you entered for your eBook does not match the cover/interior of the book. Ex. Given author(s), title or subtitle don’t match your files.
    Our technical review team added:
    Please revise your author metadata as “Jeffrey D. Voudrie, CFP” to match your cover. See Thanks!

  5. Morgan, Lulu

    Hi Umesh – We’d like to help you. Can you please fill out a case with our support team? Thanks!

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