Lulu’s Free Book Event is Back!

Need incentive to help you finish up your latest book?  How about if it’s on the house?

That’s right, between June 14 and July 31, 2011, Lulu is providing all authors with a free copy of any newly published book.  To get started, just visit

Already published a book? Well, we’ve got you covered too.  Here are some ideas we’ve come up with for you to take advantage of this offer too.

  • Create a hardcover version of your book – If you haven’t done so already, it’s never too late to turn your paperback book into a hardcover or vice-versa. The process is simple, and if we don’t already offer a hardcover size of your paperback, you can always reformat it for the new version.
  • Make a special version of your book. For example, you could add photos or illustrations to the book that help highlight the chapters.  Or, you could take a note from author Cory Doctorow, who recently published his book With a Little Help with four different cover illustrations.
  • Challenge yourself. Who says you can’t finish a whole new book by July 31st?  I don’t know about you, but I do my best work when it’s crunch time and a deadline is fast approaching. Your reward is a free copy of your brand new book. You can do it!
  • Collaborate with a friend on a book. You can either write something new together or work on finishing up a book one of you has already started. Either way you get to create something together!

Just remember, this promotion is for newly published or newly formatted books and does not apply to book revisions.  Whatever you decide, we want to help. So get started!

Terms and Conditions:
Promotion runs from 6/14 – 7/31. Creators are eligible for a free proof copy of a newly published work at up to a value of $25. Photo books, calendars, and eBooks are not eligible for this offer. Shipping is not included in the offer. Creator will receive a coupon code by email once the new work is published.


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  1. Awesome!
    Going to start a new one right away! 😀

    Look how I presented my last one!

    I also did the same for my calendars 🙂

  2. Steve Baney

    Thanks AJ. I will work hard to finish another title by the end of the month!!!
    Already finished “The Daily Devo – Volume 1” ( and am 40 out of 60 devotions finished for Volume 2. Struggling to make time with God in your life? One Bible verse, one paragraph of application, and a one-sentence prayer – These simple devotions are perfect to start off your day or finish it. I pray this supplement to your daily time with God is a blessing to you, just as it has been to thousands of others.

  3. Aaliyah

    How do I get it done, the book is Newly published.? I havent had the money to pay for one and would really like one.

  4. narelle O'Rourke

    You say to start publishing ones new book for free to the value of $25’s but whenever I press to start publishing it just geos back to the beginning of the advertisment. How does it work.

  5. Great Offer! It’s given me a renewed incentive to finish my current WIP. 🙂

  6. Oh goodie!!!

    Now I have one more reason to finish my first novel. Yipee!!!

    Thanks Lulu! You’re the best!

  7. AJ

    Anthony Watkins and kingmike,

    To get your free copy, first publish your new book. Once you’ve completed publishing, check your email. Locate the coupon code on your publishing confirmation email. Enter the coupon code at checkout, and we’ll pick up the print cost of your book, up to $25. Happy publishing!

  8. AJ


    Make sure the confirmation email didn’t go to your trash or spam folder.

  9. I have multiple books that I am considering putting into hardback form. Is this offer for only one book or does it apply to multiple books?

  10. AJ


    That’s great. The deal is for as many new titles as you publish. So if you publish 6 new titles (not revise an already existing title), you’d get 6 free proof copies. Happy publishing!

  11. Thank you so much for sharing this with everyone. This is the first time I have heard about this deal with Lulu. Thanks again!

  12. I hope this promotion will be used again soon. Submissions for our anthology aren’t due until August, so there’s no way we can participate now . . . but it’s a great promotion.

  13. Maurice Vahedifar


  14. David Hazen

    Does it count if I am printing the second revised version of a title? The first printing was 20 proof copies, and now the cover art has changed, the text is completely re-organized.

  15. AJ


    Unfortunately the promotion is tied to a brand new content ID number. It must be a new book, not a revision.

  16. James

    I see the offer says “any newly published book.” If I newly publish more than one book, is each individual book eligible for a free proof copy? For example, if I publish a book this week, a second book next week, and a third book the week after that, will I receive a free proof copy for each?

  17. AJ


    You sure will! Get to publishing! 🙂

  18. Deborah Hillesheim

    Hi- I have written my first book and I don’t have the slightest idea on what to do. I just want to make about20 copies or so , just for my family. I don’t know what to do first. Could you guide me through it.???? How much would something like that cost for 20 copies. Hard bound ?? Thank you!

  19. Deborah, it should cost around 17$ for a hardcover, it depends on the number of pages, but for a book between 150/200 pages it’s around 17$, there are two hardcovers options, one more expensive than the other by 1$, and yes use this promotion to order one copy before ordering 20, and also use the forums to get more answers.

  20. I think I got it, 25$ per order, but if you split orders it works for every new works costing more than 25$. One more thing, the offer runs till end July but each promotional code is limited to 14 days.

    I already ordered two and split into two orders, it’s a bit complicated but it works.

  21. I mean costing less than 25$, not more

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  23. Thanks for the nice post great !

  24. events Hi thanks for this post i like it too much and i hope that you will help more through your post.

  25. Tigran Aivazian

    Thank you very much for EXTENDING this promotion until December 31 2011! I thought it was valid only until July 31 but you have kindly extended this until December 31 2011. Thank you!

  26. Susanna Foyers

    Wonderful! It was a great surprise to discover that the first copy of the published book is absolutely FREE, until 31 December 2011! Thanks a lot!!!

  27. Em

    Nice, except it didn’t work for me! 🙁 I have the email, I have the code, but when I apply it it says not associated to the book I’m trying to buy! I had to re-upload the PDF interior because Lulu’s print ready file went wrong. I’ve not done anything else.

  28. Wonderful idea to complete a book with a friend, working together with friends always creates some fantastic content.Great reading here.Thankx.

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