Marketing Your Book at Book Fairs

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This past May, Lulu team members, along with numerous works by our remarkable authors, attended Book Expo America 2011 in New York City, the largest book convention in the United States.  Book Expos such as BEA offer great opportunities for authors to display their content, meet fellow authors, and hear insights from industry professionals.  Check out the video above of the action from this year’s BEA and see why Lulu’s booth was the talk of the show – drawing such great crowds.  If you are thinking about attending or displaying your book at a book fair, here is a list of up-coming events.  Hopefully this video will get you excited for BEA next year, as we’d love to see both you and your book(s) at the show.

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  1. Ann Levy

    Is it possible to get my book showcased without my being at the fair. Difficulties to be present are many. Are tables set up for absentee sellers? Does LuLu oblige absentees? Please let me know. Thanks

  2. Gavin


    You do not need to be present at the book fair. While it is great to attend book fairs in person to promote your title and interact with show attendees, we understand that traveling cross-country can be much easier and cost effective as a book than it can be as a person. So to answer your question … yes, it is possible to get your book showcased without you being at the fair. In fact, that is what we offer with our book fair registration services, for more details click here:

    As you saw from the video, Lulu typically has a display at BEA where we showcase different titles. When you purchase a Book Fair services you typically get one copy of your book displayed at the show and your book’s title listed in the show’s printed catalog. If you click the following link and select one of the book fairs, you will find an FAQ with more details:

    Best of luck with your writing, and we hope you continued success with marketing your book(s).

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