As an author on Lulu, you get to set your own price for your works beyond the manufacturing cost and you keep 80 percent of any revenue made.  In an industry where most companies work off a 70/30 split or more, we take pride in being a publishing solution built entirely towards author success and freedom.  We firmly believe that everyone has ideas and expertise and should be able to share their knowledge with the world and, more importantly, profit from that knowledge.  We’ve provided different payment options to make it as convenient and easy as possible to claim your author revenue.  Below you’ll find tips for how to check your revenue and start seeing some green.

Finding your revenue: You can always check your earned revenue by looking at your “Recent Revenue,” and “All-Time Revenue” tabs found in the blue side-bar in your “My Lulu” tab.  It is important to note that your “Recent Revenue” DOES NOT include Amazon or 3rd party earnings.  Under your “All-Time Revenue” you’ll see a “Total Zero Creator Revenue” tab which shows your own purchases of your content, number of downloads from customers and Lulu support staff.  When you or Lulu purchases your own content, it is at-cost so no revenue is generated or recorded.

Claiming your revenue: In order to claim your revenue, Lulu must have the appropriate tax forms on file, as well as the correct remittance address.  Creators must complete and submit a W-9 form that Lulu keeps on file.  A properly completed W-9 form provides your Social Security Number (SSN), Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN), or Federal Employer Identification Number (FEIN).  With a valid W-9 form on file, your withholding rate is 0%. If we have no W-9 form on file, your withholding rate is the default backup withholding rate for U.S. domestic entities as set by the Internal Revenue Service of the United States; currently this rate is 28%.

You have a couple choices for how you receive your revenue, each of which have their own set of requirements:

  • Paper checks:  Checks are cut 45 days after the end of each quarter as long as the minimum revenue requirement of $20.00 is reached. Unpaid revenue rolls over into the next payment period and continues to do so until the minimum is reached. Q1 payment date – May 15 (for sales in January, February, and March) Q2 payment date – August 15 (for sales in April, May, and June) Q3 payment date – November 15 (for sales in July, August, and September) Q4 payment date – February 15 (for sales in October, November, and December).
  • PayPal: PayPal payments for each month are made on or before the end of the  following month. For example: payment for January sales are made by the end of February, payment for February sales are made by the end of  March, etc..  Before you are able to receive revenue via PayPal creators must provide a valid PayPal email address along with the correct remittance address.  Creators will only receive a PayPal payment if their accumulated creator revenues amount to $5 or more, and if all appropriate tax information is complete.  If your revenue does not meet the $5 limit, your earning will be rolled into the next payment period.

Amazon and other off-site retail payments:  Lulu can distribute copies of your book to retail outlets all over the world and a listing on Amazon is even free with a Lulu issued ISBN. Lulu receives monthly statements of off-site retail (Amazon, Barnes & Noble, etc.) sales for books with distribution. These sales can take 6 to 8 weeks to post in your account. Retail sales appear in your account as one consolidated cart per retail channel (as if one customer bought all the copies). To see your retail sales, go to the “My Revenue” tab under your “My Lulu” tab in your account.  Click the “Detail” link at the top of the report to see available information. For more information see our Creator Revenues and Earnings FAQ.