How to Publish a Book the Modern Way

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In the past, publishing a book was a closed system, reserved for an elite few.  We all have ideas and expertise, but not all of us had the means or opportunity to share our knowledge and sell our works. Today, there is a new way to publish and sell content for authors, businesses, and traditional publishers alike – absolutely free.  Whether you’re out to make a mint, or just share an idea, Lulu is providing publishers with more options and authors with more freedom.


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  1. Very nice video. BUT — Lulu’s publishing is really not “absolutely free” if an author wants books to be produced, instead of just remaining on Lulu’s computer.

    No author should expect physical books to be produced and marketed for free, so why does Lulu need to make the bogus claim?

    Michael N. Marcus (information, help and book reviews for authors) (pre-publication book assessments)
    — Create Better Books, with the Silver Sands Publishing Series:
    — “Stories I’d Tell My Children (but maybe not until they’re adults),”

  2. AJ


    Thanks for commenting. At Lulu, it is always free to publish and sell your work to the 2.5 million customers in the Lulu Marketplace. Having no upfront costs or minimum print runs is something that has always set us apart. You’re right, if an author would like to purchase copies of their books to sell on their own, they would have to pay for them – but since you get to set your price for your work, you’d only pay manufacturing cost (about $5 for a 6×9 paperback). You’re also more than welcome to simply direct customers to your product page to buy directly off Lulu. eBooks open up a word of options too. There is nothing to manufacture, and I’ve seen plenty of authors offer eBooks as free supplements to their print editions. Thanks again for writing in, hope this clears things up a bit.

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  4. Unknown

    Is Lulu publish free or not? i really like the Idea of it. if it is Free i hope i can post my Book here to Sell