Learn How to Publish an eBook with our New eBook Page

If you’ve been poking around the site in the past couple weeks, you’ve probably noticed a big addition. We’ve rolled out our new eBook landing page (pictured below) – your launchpad for reaching a whole new market of readers and selling more books.

eBooks keep gaining in popularity. Readers just can’t resist the competitive pricing many eBooks bring or the convenience of carrying around entire libraries of their favorite titles wherever they go. eBook sales have grown 80% at Lulu alone and we want to make sure we’re doing everything we can to help your books grace the digital pages of your favorite devices and platforms.

Our new eBook page is where you’ll find answers to all sorts of frequently asked eBook questions like what’s the difference between different eBook formats, what’s this “metadata” term mean and why is it so important, and you can learn what your eBooks will need to get into tip top shape for your readers. You can also download our handy new eBook Distribution Guidelines that’ll save you lots of headaches when it comes time to sell through other retail channels.

We’ll keep updating our eBook page with the latest in eBook news and opportunities, so be sure to keep checking back, and as always – happy publishing.

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  1. I found this page invaluable when converting the print version of my book to an epub document. The “Think you’re ready?” PDF had a ton of great information and really helped me get on the right path.

  2. Terry Piggott

    Hi I’m An Australian poet (Bush Poet) and have been thinking for sometime of publishing a book of poems and short stories.
    I fellow poet put up your address as a possible way of getting published.
    This is just an inquiry at this stage to check out the possibilities.

    Regards Terry

  3. byron bending

    Can I only use red,blue or green ink to print my e-book?And also what is the page size requirements for a e-book?And what are the size of text for the e-book?

  4. AJ

    Hi Bryon,

    You can find answers to all your questions and the steps to go about them with our eBook Guide here: http://www.lulu.com/static/ebook_distribution_guidelines.pdf&cid=us_pdf_btn