The Rise of “New Adult” Fiction

2 min readIt’s everywhere you look — media about young people in their 20s, trying to figure things out. It’s on HBO, it’s in film, it’s definitely in the blogosphere (it’s also the writer of this blog post, obviously). “Millenials,” as they’re… Continue Reading →

Best Presents for Writers

2 min readRaise your hand if you’ve been gifted a journal in the past. I bet you have one arm up — maybe two. For writers, a fancy pen or notebook is a thoughtful gift, but you may not be the first… Continue Reading →

Lulu’s 13 Days of Writing Song – Day 7 Video

1 min readOn the seventh day of writing my true love gave to me… Add some joy (and discounts) to your day with our silly short video. Happy Holidays! To check out Lulu’s 13 days of deals, visit the landing page here:… Continue Reading →

Lulu’s 13 Days of Writing Song – Day 6 Video

1 min readOn the sixth day of writing my true love gave to me… Add some joy (and discounts) to your day with our silly short video. Happy Holidays! To check out Lulu’s 13 days of deals, visit the landing page here:… Continue Reading →

Creative ways to ‘gift’ an eBook (since you can’t put it in wrapping paper)

2 min readWhen we think of the holidays, we think of children ripping off wrapping paper in a near-psychotic frenzy, holding up their gifts, and then profusely thanking their parents (or sometimes not — sweaters from aunts just don’t get treated with that… Continue Reading →

Lulu’s 13 Days of Writing Song – Day 5 Video

1 min readOn the fifth day of writing my true love gave to me… Add some joy (and discounts) to your day with our silly short video. Happy Holidays! To check out Lulu’s 13 days of deals, visit the landing page here:… Continue Reading →

Making a Difference

2 min readEach month during our company meetings we take time to highlight customer success stories: authors who, after multiple years, have completed their dream or have realized an unforeseen sales increase. For December I wanted to depart a bit from that… Continue Reading →

Lulu’s 13 Days of Writing – Day 1 Video

1 min readOn the first day of writing my true love gave to me…. We created fun holiday videos in stop animation to celebrate writers. There is a great deal being announced each day of the 13 days (Dec. 13- Dec. 26,… Continue Reading →

Life After NaNoWriMo

3 min readWe’re well into December, and it’s almost the end of the year, but let’s take a minute to talk about last month. How did you spend your November? Maybe getting ready for the change in seasons or braving crowds to… Continue Reading →

How to Market Your Book During the Holiday Season

2 min readNovember and December are the most lucrative months of the year for retailers because people are in a crunch to find and buy the perfect holiday gifts for their loved ones. Here are some tips to help you make the… Continue Reading →

Congratulations to the “What Are You Thankful For?” Contest Winner Tasha Scott

1 min readSometimes a few simple words can make all the difference. That’s what your “What are you thankful for?” comments did for us today. As an office we want to thank you for your comments because they invigorate us and remind… Continue Reading →

EPUBs Made Even Easier with Lulu Ebook Enhancements

2 min readGetting your eBook ready for the world to see can be a learning experience – for authors and for Lulu. We always want to give you the best, easiest tools possible to get your eBook out there, and part of… Continue Reading →

Unique Holiday Gift Ideas

2 min readSkip the tie & cufflink set. Create a unique gift in less time than it takes to make a mall haul. In his latest New Yorker essay, “Understanding Owls: What does a gift say about the giver?” humorist and fellow… Continue Reading →

What Are You Thankful For?

1 min readI’ll keep this short and sweet so that you can get back to your family, food and festivities. We’re asking a simple, but important question: WHAT ARE YOU THANKFUL FOR? In five sentences, answer this question in the comments below… Continue Reading →

Lulu is Saving Your Sanity this Black Friday

2 min readThe cure for Mall Madness and Cyber Psychosis: Shop the place where imagination is never out of stock… with up to 51% Off*, Nov. 23-27. If there’s anything more frustrating than endlessly circling a mall for parking, it’s surfing the… Continue Reading →

The Author Who Brought Coach Kay Yow’s Inspiring Story To Life

2 min readNorth Carolina State women’s basketball fans know the name Kay Yow. As the team’s coach, she achieved more than 700 wins over her 34-year career, became a Hall of Fame inductee, and coached the 1988 women’s Olympic team to their… Continue Reading →

Mark your calendar with inspiration for 2013

2 min readAlert! There’s only one more page on my calendar. I’ve already hit the dilemma that there’s no page in my calendar for me to scribble down exciting things that I have planned for 2013, which means that it’s high time… Continue Reading →

Author Interview: Troy M. Cusson

7 min readWhat are your books about & what message are you trying to share through your children’s books? Dawn The Deer & Dawn The Deer Enjoys The Fall are glimpses into what a quiet, peaceful little doe experiences in her day… Continue Reading →

Mozilla Popcorn for Online Video

2 min readAs Mozilla’s Ryan Merkley points out in his TED talk, the nature of video on the web hasn’t changed much over the past few years. Besides a higher resolution and faster streaming times, videos remain static and non-interactive. Even books,… Continue Reading →

How To: Create Your Own Audiobook

2 min readWhen publishing an eBook, it’s smart to promote it with sample chapters or an author interview. But what about producing your own audiobook to accompany it as well? Producing an audiobook can be time consuming, but it’s extremely fun and… Continue Reading →

Could pay-what-you-want pricing models spell more money for creators?

2 min readIn the fall of 2007, Radiohead released their seventh studio album In Rainbows as a digital download using a pay-what-you-want model. At the time, the decision blew some minds. Pay what you want? Whatever you want? For a RADIOHEAD ALBUM?? The decision… Continue Reading →

Congratulations to Lulu’s Family Photos for the Holidays contest winners

1 min readThe nation is picking more than a chief executive this week. More than 1,500 votes have been tallied to determine the winners of Lulu’s Family Photos for the Holidays contest. And the results come with a clear mandate: more family… Continue Reading →

Author Success Story: Robert Marckini

2 min readWhen Robert Marckini was diagnosed with prostate cancer 12 years ago, his life came to a stop. He was devastated, but also motivated — to find the best care. Robert quickly ruled out surgery after seeing what it did to… Continue Reading →

New Products and Services in 2013

1 min readIf you’ve ever wondered what we focus on at Lulu when we’re not helping creators tell their stories, the answer is: YOU, YOU, YOU.Yes, we’re obsessed. And for the last several months, we’ve been pouring over research on you, our… Continue Reading →

Tis the Season: Your Photo Book Upgrade is On Us

2 min readAt Lulu we’ve been working hard to ensure that we are always delivering the highest quality books at the best prices possible. So today we are proud to announce two new upgrades to our lineup of hardcover photo books in… Continue Reading →

Turning Your Blog Into Your eBook

2 min readOne of the most frustrating truths of running a website is the ascendancy of new content. No matter how you lay out your website, more often than not, new content will take center stage, relegating older content to the recesses of your… Continue Reading →

You may be a Lulu Author, but are you a Google Author?

6 min readIf you’re reading this blog it’s likely you’re either already a published author or aspire to be one (and nobody can make that dream come true faster than Lulu!). But are you a Google Author? What is a Google Author?… Continue Reading →

Last Day To Enter To Win Family Photo Contest

2 min readIt’s the final day to submit photos to Lulu’s Family Photos for the Holidays contest to win a Canon Rebel T3i Camera (worth $650), 2 Google Nexus 7 Tablets, Target gift cards and Lulu bucks. After peaking at the submissions… Continue Reading →

Creepy, Spooky, Scary Reads. Are you Ready for Halloween?

2 min readThe temperature is dropping and golden leaves are beginning to litter the street, cobwebs are being strewn across porches and Jack O’Lanterns are being carved. Halloween is almost upon us. Scary stories have always been a central part of my… Continue Reading →

Creativity Strikes! Interview with Children’s Writer Sandra Arthur

5 min readAs the social media manager here at Lulu, I have the lucky task of monitoring our Facebook Page. I can’t tell you what a delight it is to communicate directly with so many of our authors and to get a… Continue Reading →

Grandparents in Revolt & The Lulu Contest to Give ’em What They Want

2 min readIf you’re a mom or dad, you answer to a lot of different bosses — chief among them, the grandparents. And that group often isn’t shy about sharing suggestions and directives. In a new national poll commissioned by Lulu, 96… Continue Reading →

How To: Market a Self-Published Book

4 min readAs an independent author, dozens of companies, sites and services will offer to show you how to market your self-published book – for one low fee, naturally. However, the reality is such: Provided you pick and choose your battles, and… Continue Reading →

How To: Serialize with Lulu

3 min readThere was such great response from Lulu authors at our blog post about a resurgence of interest in novel serialization, that we thought it would be helpful to talk about… What’s the best way to make a serial novel with… Continue Reading →

Explode Your Author Fan Base with Google Plus

6 min readAnyone who loves books eventually falls in love with their authors. I don’t necessarily mean romantically in love (although I’m sure that happens!), but simply that when people have spent significant time in someone else’s thought world, they feel like… Continue Reading →

Top Awards for Independently Published Authors

3 min readAs the end of the year nears, it seems like every few weeks another round of traditionally published books and authors win the Pulitzer, Man Booker, National Book Critics Circle, and Hugo awards — to name a few. It feels… Continue Reading →

Banned Books? You Bet.

2 min readWhat causes a book to be banned? Throughout history, banned books are often those that push boundaries, lead us to question the way we live and reveal uncomfortable truths. By banning them, schools, libraries, governments and other institutions are, in… Continue Reading →

The Return of the Serial Novel

2 min readBack in the early days of the novel, one of the most popular forms of publication was the serial. Charles Dickens, who was famously paid by the word, was only one of many authors in the Victorian era to publish… Continue Reading →

Is it time to quit your day job and become a full-time writer?

2 min readAs the market shifts toward benefiting authors who use open-platform publishing, it’s good to temper expectations and think about how much profit you might realistically make with your book. While it’s easy to get starry-eyed when looking at the profits… Continue Reading →

Why do you write?

1 min readWe’re always finding great quotes and inspiration from the people we follow on Pinterest. Here’s one for the day:

Fact-Checking Your Book

2 min readWith the precipitous fall of the New Yorker‘s Jonah Lehrer, whose books and articles were riddled with inaccuracies, it’s clear that a quick way to ruin your career as a writer is to pass off fiction as fact. But as… Continue Reading →

Great Apps for Writers

2 min readYou’ve heard plenty of people say,”There’s an app for that,” but which are best for writers? Whether you need to give your creative side a kick or want to continue revising your work during your morning commute, here are a… Continue Reading →

Inspirational Quotes for Writers

2 min readHow many times have you come across a quote and thought I should write that down? If you’re anything like me, the answer is: a lot. Finding meaning in someone else’s words is a joy, and as a writer I find… Continue Reading →

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