At Lulu we’re big fans of International Women’s Day. Celebrate by supporting remarkable, independent, female authors who change the world with their words. Here are a few reading recommendations for the occasion.

Becoming Whole: The Story of my Complete Recovery From Breast Cancer
by Meg Wolff

“When a mastectomy, radiation and chemotherapy couldn’t stop Meg Wolff’s breast cancer in 1999, doctors told her to ‘prepare her soul.’ Instead, she took a leap of faith…in herself, by giving an unconventional approach – a diet based on whole grains, vegetables and beans – a try.” –Becoming Whole

Mommy Confidential: Adventures from the Wonderbelly of Motherhood

“Take a woman fresh out of college, plop her down in Silicon Valley, saddle her with a mortgage, let her ride the tech boom, give her three babies in four years, slap her with the tech bust, watch vicariously as her marriage disintegrates, end her career, and hand her a computer. What do you get?” –Mommy Confidential

Donna Peppina, impetuosa sicilianità by Nausica Zocco

Lulu is truly international. If you haven’t yet, we highly recommend checking out some of our titles in other languages. The book above, written in Italian, is the compelling story of a Sicilian woman who refuses her arranged marriage. It is dedicated to all women who live by their hearts and their passions. Read Donna Peppina.

The Gift of Fate by Valerie King

In The Gift of Fate, seventeen-year-old Jillian Marie Mathers uncovers her true calling in life one cool autumn night. How many of you remember finding your calling in life? How many of you are still searching?

Which female authors have inspired you most in your life? Share with us in the comments below and on our Facebook and Twitter pages!