April 2012

Publishing Your Thesis with Lulu

3 min readMay marks graduation for many college students, a time of celebration after years of dedication and hard work. It also prompts this eternal question: “Now what?” It’s time to make your way in the world, earn a living and impress… Continue Reading →

Linotype Machines & the History of Printing

2 min readIn this digital age, the actual act of printing becomes an afterthought. We type and then hit print, assured that the lasers housed in our sophisticated printers will deliver us our perfectly-written piece. It seems ages ago that the very… Continue Reading →

Lulu Author & Illustrator Win Gold Mom’s Choice Award

3 min readA few years ago, after being introduced through a mutual friend, author Elizabeth Hamilton-Guarino and illustrator Sandra Waugh decided to team up on a picture book that celebrates all art forms, cooperation, and the idea that anyone, young or old,… Continue Reading →

Innovative Ways to Leverage eBook Technology

2 min readOnly “print” your book with Lulu? You could be missing out. According to Reuters, one-fifth of American adults read an eBook last year, with the number surely to keep rising over the next few years. As readers move away from print,… Continue Reading →

Bestselling Author Kevin Powell Comes to Lulu

4 min readAuthor your vision, Live your purpose with Kevin Powell Author Kevin Powell stepped off the stage into a packed room of over 700 people after finishing his keynote speech in Raleigh, North Carolina last February.  He didn’t leave until he… Continue Reading →

Happy Birthday, Shakespeare!

2 min readWilliam Shakespeare turns 448 this week. It’s the dream of every writer that 448 years in the future, when people are reading whatever version of eBooks exist then (mind-books?), that they’ll still be poring over the words you wrote so… Continue Reading →

Lulu eBooks Just Got Even Better

2 min readTables and columns have been around for so long that we don’t give them much thought – even though our daily lives often rely on them.  One supports our dinner plates, silverware, fruit bowls, lamps, and books while the other… Continue Reading →

Saving Mother Earth By Using Print-On-Demand

2 min readDear Planet Earth, we love you, respect you, and want to do what we can to protect you. In honor of Earth Day this Sunday, here are some important, “did-you-know?” facts about why Print-On-Demand (the Lulu-way) is a sustainable alternative… Continue Reading →

The Importance of a Writing Routine

3 min readWhen it comes to when and where to write, everyone is different. Maya Angelou starts early and works in hotel rooms with bare walls, Truman Capote claimed he could only write when in bed, horizontal, and Vladimir Nabokov scribbled on… Continue Reading →

NC Amendment One Impacts Businesses Like Lulu

1 min readI believe that Duke Energy CEO Jim Rogers makes a good statement about North Carolina Amendment One, up for vote on May 8: “You’re sending a message to the world that we’re not inclusive… North Carolina is competing with the… Continue Reading →

Help: Vote for Lulu!

1 min readWhat’s your M.O.? Our very own Sarah Gilbert was featured on M.O. this week. She talks about some of the most meaningful books she’s worked on during her time here at Lulu. She also talks about seeing the rise of… Continue Reading →

Expand Your Business with Custom Publishing Solutions

2 min readI had an interesting conversation with an up and coming author recently who has a very specific vision.  She wants to cut out any potential for a “middle-man” to distract her readers from finding and buying her works.  She eventually… Continue Reading →

Famous Historical Figures Who Self-Published

2 min readIn 1640, Stephen Day self-published the Bay Psalm Book, only 20 years after the pilgrims arrived in North America. Consider the self-publisher as the ultimate American underdog. Our history is pretty much filled with individuals who started publishing on their own, in… Continue Reading →

How to write a successful author bio

3 min readQuick, look at your back cover. If there’s a big blank space there, you probably need to write your author biography.  This is not the time to be shy; your author biography, while only a few sentences long, can have… Continue Reading →

Easter Egg Hunt Contest

1 min readWe invite you to have a bit of fun with us this Easter by joining us on a virtual Easter Egg Hunt. Throughout the day on Easter Sunday we are hiding “eggs” around the Web. Collect as many as you… Continue Reading →

What do writers have in common with indie rock stars?

2 min readDIY (Do-It-Yourself) culture is everywhere these days. What started as a punk rock ethos of spurning the system and making your own clothing, albums and films has become an essential part of our economy (it even has its own cable… Continue Reading →

Print is Dead; Long Live Print – Print Sales Stronger than Ever Thanks to eBooks

2 min readEveryone is talking about eBooks these days.  I was just on a flight where it seemed like everyone had either an iPad, Nook, Kindle, or some other device they were using to read their books.  So where does that leave… Continue Reading →

Lulu’s First-Ever MYSTERY SALE!

1 min readLulu’s first-ever MYSTERY SALE! No coupon required. A mystery discount automatically applies to your cart.

We Hereby Proclaim…

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