Introducing… The New Lulu Publishing Advisor

I had coffee recently with an old friend who’s recently written a children’s book.  He, like many others, set out to conquer publishing without the help of an agent or publishing house. So naturally he went to the World Wide Web to begin his research, only to find a sea of mixed messages, daunting choices, and publishing “experts.”

He quickly realized he wanted a source he could trust to give him the best advice, in an hour over cappuccinos. So we talked about his personal publishing needs, while he took furious notes and asked fitting questions.

Recognizing the value of this custom experience was the impetus for Lulu to create the Lulu Publishing Advisor.  Our goal was to create something fun, personalized, and informative to help new authors ease into the open-publishing industry.  We at Lulu have seen lots of common mistakes (ahem, skipping editing to save money, anyone?) and have plenty of advice we want to share, from doing preliminary market research to planning a release party.  The challenge is that the needs of each author vary greatly. We’ve, therefore, customized your publishing advice based on 5 pick-an-answer questions.  We worked really hard to make this a fun experience, so have a try, and maybe you’ll pick up a few tips for your first or next book!