Help Lulu Win Social Madness!

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Ok, we need your help! Lulu has made it to Round 3 of the Social Madness Social Media Contest, but we need your help beating Burt’s Bees in the next round. We have a long way to go. As we enter into this round, we have 857 points and they have a whooping 6,985.

If you enjoy chatting with us on social media and have connected with us on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Google Plus, our Blog or or Pinterest page, then please help us win! There are four ways to help us win:

  1. Vote for us (click on the image below. Select our city – Raleigh/Durham – and then click “Medium Companies” and vote for!)
  2. Like, comment on and share our posts on Facebook
  3. Like, comment on and share our posts on LinkedIn
  4. Reply to and retweet our tweets on Twitter


Click “Medium Companies” to find


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  1. “Inutile dire che, io non posso aiutarti, Xiaoyu dove sono andato, e ha detto, anche se capisco Xiaoyu non speciale, ma so che lui 猫 sicuramente un leader, un uomo di spirito indomito, non lo voglio per tutta la vita di rimorso colpa!”Sogni viola ha detto…

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