Updates To Your Lulu Account

Lulu is excited to announce the first in a series of releases intended to improve your user experience on the Lulu.com website.

Following the July 24, 2012 release, everything about your Lulu account, including your email preferences, purchases, downloads, and shipping information will be managed from a sleek new My Account & Orders page. This change separates your user account information and purchasing history from the Lulu authoring tools.

What can you expect following this release?

  • The login / registration page has a new streamlined look.
  • When you click on the My Lulu tab, a new My Accounts & Orders button displays in the page header.


  • Click the My Accounts & Orders button to access your Order History, My Downloads page, and your saved Shipping & Billing information.
  • On the About Me page you can update your account information, username, and password.
  • On the Preferences page you can manage your email notification settings.

Check out the changes and see for yourself. If you’d like to leave some feedback for us, join the discussions taking place in the Lulu Connect Forums.

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  1. A GREAT start as far as “clarity” and ease of use go, as well as the cleaned up “look” … what I look forward to is the possibility of seeing reports on how many visits, clicks or some other record of actual visits to MY specific pages and books, AND it would be really nice to know how many of my FREE titles were viewed and/or downloaded. I realize we may never be able to know WHO, but the numbers would be great to know.

  2. Morgan Siem, Lulu

    GREAT comments and feedback, Earl! We love the insight, especially from an author who is so familiar with our site already.

  3. question: I have had my novels on Lulu and Amazon (via createaspace and Kindle) for 6 months, and durring that time my amazon account has sold over 200 books (Createspace =76 kindle =150 total sales) but my lulu account has 0 sales… why is it that the same titles and the same prices don’t sell on lulu at all but they sell fast on amazon and also smashwords?

  4. Glenn Hunt, Lulu

    That is an interesting question Dr. Ireland. When promoting your books, do you direct your fans to Lulu.com to purchase your work, or to other sites? Also, do you have Google search activated for those projects in your Lulu account? If not you should consider activating this feature, as it will ensure your work published through Lulu.com is returned in Google search results.

  5. Morgan, Lulu

    @Dr. Adam Ireland – It’s a great question and one that we’d love to help you answer. To add to what Glenn said, there are many factors that could be at play here, including whether your book is in distribution, is set to public access, is enabled for Google Search and much more. Will you please fill out a case with our support team so that we can address the specifics of your book? Here is the link: http://ar.gy/.8Y. Thanks!

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