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Road Trip! – For your book

Remember Book Fair Day in elementary school? If you’re anything like the rest of us Lulus, it was your favorite day of the year. You perused shelf after shelf in the Media Center, leafing through the books and marking your favorites on the order form, and if you were very lucky, your parents would send a check the next day to order the books.

Well, book fairs have grown up! The Lulu Book Fairs, like the 2012 Frankfurt International Book Fair, are a great way to showcase your book, providing the opportunity for it to be noticed by book and publishing industry professionals. Like the book fairs of your youth, the books are not available for sale at the actual Fair, but they are there for anyone interested in viewing and sampling new independent titles.  The same professionals flipping through your books are also provided a catalog of all of the books in the showcase, along with the information necessary to contact you and purchase the book at a later time.


The magic questions are, what do you get, and will someone notice your book? Like any publicity service, what we can guarantee is exposure, not direct sales. We guarantee that your book will be included on the shelves at the fair, and that editors, agents, librarians, journalists, and other industry professionals will be in attendance (depending on the type of fair, the types of attendees may be more narrow). Whether they purchase the book depends on a great number of factors. In addition, there are other ways you can use the road trip experience to showcase your book.  Having your book at the Frankfurt Book Fair is a great credential to add to you back cover, saying, “Showcased at the Frankfurt Book Fair.”

Think about the most successful authors and the pride they exude for their books; there is an unwavering certainty that inside the book is something they think is worth reading. So often, we hear, “My book could be a best-seller, if only the right people knew about it.” If you have the same feelings for your book, a Book Fair is a great place to start with your book’s marketing campaign.

What’s required?

  • Buying the event service by Aug. 10
  • Completing the registration form by Aug. 15, and
  • Sending a copy of one book to the exhibitor office located in the US by Aug. 15. (You may ship your book directly from Lulu if you’d like.)

A full list of Book Fairs can be found here, by clicking on the “Book Fairs” button: Lulu’s Book Fair Events and a full list of FAQs for events can be found here: Book Fair Marketing FAQs.

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  1. Manuel Viñoles Ferra

    Por favor, me podrían enviar esta información del presente correo, traducida al castellano? Gracias!

  2. Buying the event service by Aug. 10 link to me to a not existing page:

    Can I do it with my Italian book? Or just English books?

  3. Morgan Siem, Lulu

    @Giovanni – Currently this service is offered in English Only. I have updated the link (sorry for the confusion!) Here is the new link:

  4. Morgan Siem, Lulu

    @Manuel: Esto servicio está disponibles en Ingles y se pueden comprar usando la siguiente liga y poniendo su pagina en Ingles:

  5. Viviana Bardella

    Mi potreste mandare informazioni su come partecipare tradotte in lingua italiana?
    Grazie anticipatamente.

  6. Morgan Siem, Lulu: still: “Impossibile trovare questo prodotto. Tuttavia, sono disponibili altri articoli molto interessanti! ”

    In English:
    “Cannot find this product. Anyway, it’s available more interesting articles!”

  7. Morgan Siem, Lulu

    @Viviana Ci dispiace tanto. Al momento il servizio è disponibile solo in inglese. Ti chiediamo scusa per il disagio e ti ringraziamo per il tuo interessamento. Saluti!

  8. Morgan Siem, Lulu

    @Giovanni, Viviana – Il servizio è in inglese, quindi se ci puoi contattare sul nostro sito in inglese, ti possiamo offrire il servizio. Ma il libro può essere scritto in qualsiasi lingua.

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