Grandparents in Revolt & The Lulu Contest to Give ’em What They Want

If you’re a mom or dad, you answer to a lot of different bosses — chief among them, the grandparents. And that group often isn’t shy about sharing suggestions and directives.

In a new national poll commissioned by Lulu, 96 percent of grandparents told us that family togetherness makes for happy holidays, and 90 percent said that they long for more time with their grandkids. But with families scattered every which way and gas prices high, is togetherness too much to ask for?

To avert a national crisis, Lulu launches our first ever Family Photos for the Holidays contest. Even if you can’t be together in person, you can still get face time through photos.

The Family Photos for Holidays contest opens Monday, Oct. 22, when contestants can find the contest at To win, post your family photos that capture the joys of family togetherness, particularly photos that include family members from several generations. We will accept entries until Friday, Oct. 26.  Then, expert judges will determine finalists who will be entered into the final public voting round from Monday, Oct. 29 through Friday, Nov. 2. Most votes wins!

At the end of the contest, (open to US citizens over 18), Lulu will announce first, second and third prize winners. Prizes include tablets (for keeping in touch), a top-grade camera (for capturing more magic moments), retail gift cards and a special Lulu prizes — because creating a photo book or calendar is the one-of-a-kind gift that delivers family fun all year round.

Can’t wait to see the family fun on display!  We’re also excited to be working with 5 Minutes for Mom, a family-oriented blog for mothers ready to take their families on new adventures.  Plus, grandparent and professional photographer Frank Brueske is on board as a judge.

See you in pictures!


UPDATE: The contest is live! Enter now.

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  1. We will accept entries until Friday, Oct. 26. Then, expert judges will determine finalists who will be entered into – See more at: