How to Raise Money for Your Next Writing Project

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The Kickstarter of books is here, it’s Pubslush

You may have heard the term “crowd funding”, but may not be sure what it’s all about. Crowdfunding is a way that artists and entrepreneurs are raising funds for their projects, so they can take on less of the financial risk. With a successful crowdfunding campaign, you can raise funds – before you publish – rather than paying out of your own pocket.

Authors are already successfully raising money by pitching their book idea to potential readers and future fans, and now Pubslush has built a fund raising platform exclusively for you.

A Crowdfunding Platform for Authors
A number of authors are already finding success raising money for their projects, and gaining access to options they wouldn’t have had before – like investing in professional cover design, marketing campaigns, first run copies of their books and more.

pubslush kickstarter authors crowdfunding

Some of the top projects on Pubslush have raised over $10,000 from readers


Let us know if Pubslush is right for you in the comments

Take a moment to check out Pubslush, check out their successful projects, watch the video embedded below, and let us know what you think in the comments on this blog post.

Screen Shot 2013-07-31 at 11.39.00 AM

Screen Shot 2013-07-31 at 11.39.00 AM

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  1. This is a real help from you for those people who are worried about raising fund for their project works. You are the best !!

  2. Elijah Kaberia

    I find pubslush a worthwhile idea. I wouldnt mind trying it because if it is working for other authors why not me even if I am in East Africa. Do it for me now. I cannot wait to see my literary work mesmerizing my readers and fans.

  3. Elijah Kaberia

    I have a manuscript known as THE BATTLE OF KIMAYU. Please raise fund for it through Pubslush.

  4. I created the first volume of 5. The title is Trust ‘n’ Horses. I am already selling it via my website and receiving WONDERFUL comments. I have years of experience on the topic and already enough material for the remaining 4 volumes including a book of inspirational horsey quotes. Please visit my FB name page to view some quotes. I am looking for funding to publish in a bigger way (Amazon, Kindle, iTunes, etc.). I am happy to send you Volume 1 of this ebook if you like. Please advise.

  5. Pantaleon N.

    This is captivating. I would like to opt in for it in order to raise fund for my book

  6. An anthology of poems titled ” Between tthe Interludes ” is being published by

  7. Ben

    I currently have a book being published but lack the marketing. How can you help me?

  8. Meg @ Lulu

    Hey Ben,
    We can totally help you. First off, our blog ( and community forums ( have great advice and information on marketing. We also offer a myriad of services to help market your book:

  9. This a great platform for unpublished writers, i really need this type of assistance because i have so many unpublished manuscript.

  10. Meg @ Lulu

    Thanks! Hope we can help you with those. Have you visited our website for more information:

  11. Informative blog and well said about what is crowd funding and how it can help in raising fund for social projects.

  12. Iqbal Hasan Khan

    I have written a book in Urdu language. It is about Martial law regimes in the country and the evil tactics through which an election is contested in this country. I am playwright, have written three books before this one. I need 1500 US dollars to get this book published.

  13. I have children’s manuscripts that I would like to publish…’The Big Dark Cave’. There is a,recording of it being read by myself on youtube..tammykenyon100. Would love to receive some help as I’m a single Mum.

  14. Meg @ Lulu

    Hey Rebecca,
    We would love to help you publish these manuscripts. Have you checked out our support page?
    This page provide advice and guidance on how to get started publishing through Lulu. Also, if you have any specific questions, you can reach our customer voice team there.

  15. Hi Everyone, Thank you for the comments. I would be happy to chat with anyone further about Pubslush and how you can raise money for your book project. I can be reached at

  16. I like the idea, but there is not enough detail: at what point does the author get paid? How much of the fund is used to print the book, and what advantages (if any) are there over print-on-demand systems, which have been very successful for me?

  17. Hi Phi, To answer your question, an author gets paid once the book has reached its minimum fundraising goal. Are you familiar with crowdfunding? I would love to talk to you a bit further. I can be reached at

  18. Really, ‘you are never too old to learn!” What great ideas -thanks a million I’ll put those unique ideas into reality.

  19. GeralineThomas

    I would like to try this my first time i really want my books published mean so much to thank God and thank you alk

  20. I think that this is a good concept and any tool that can help writers is well worth a try. I am a big fan of crowdfunding and am always excited to see the innovation that comes out of successful projects like Pubslush.

  21. Your site provided every information I have been looking for.I am an unpublished author but going through your site gives aspiring authors great encouragement.Keep up the good work.

  22. It doesn’t work properly on phone!

  23. good, we need money for our future also.. writing is hobies but money is needed..we should have balance..good article

  24. Kaishau Carr

    I published my book ‘Keep It Real’ in 2014. It is my autobiography on response to the book my ex-husband wrote ‘Don’t Talk About It Be About It’. It Keep It Real is the truth about what I experienced in a domestic violent, and sociopathic relationship with a crack addicted drug dealer that was my husband, Billy Carr. It tells the truth about the darkness of living that life with that type of individual, it also exposes the lies in Mr Carr’s book ‘ Don’t Talk About Be About It’. It is a healing tool for individuals that are looking for a way out of similiar situations and a help book, uplifting and empowering for abused men and women who want a voice.

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