Announcing Lulu’s new kid-focused brand, Lulu Jr.


So, we’ve been working really hard in the new year and are very excited to announce a new venture for Lulu with the launch of Lulu Jr. This new brand encompasses children’s books, custom wall art and the award-winning book-making kits now exclusively offered by Lulu – Illustory® and My Comic Book®.

Screen Shot 2014-02-12 at 11.35.17 AMThe other awesome news? Lulu will be showcasing Illustory, My Comic Book and independent children’s books at the 111th annual American International Toy Fair® in New York City this weekend, February 16-19, 2014. New York Times best-selling children’s author Peter H. Reynolds, who illustrated the new boxes for Illustory and My Comic Book, will be signing these Lulu Jr. book-making kits at the Lulu Jr. booth on Monday, February 17 from 2 – 3 pm ET and Tuesday, February 18 from 12 pm – 1 pm ET.

Lulu Jr. offers children an easy way to create their own wall art, showcasing a child’s artistic creations of art, words and photos by displaying them on high quality canvas. With these options, parents can cherish their child’s works and proudly share their accomplishments with friends and family.

For more information, please visit and

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  1. billn

    How remarkable! Can’t wait to vlog my experience on Lulu TV.

  2. hey this is very notice about Lulu JR i love comic books

  3. mi kids love this, i can not wait for this

  4. Brian Downey

    This company is not to be trusted. They steal your time, money and books. And they have no way of allowing you to contact them!
    My child wrote a story of his mothers breast cancer. And they lost his book. They refuse to contact us and or refuse to refund us the money. I am contacting the BBB and as many blogs as I can to spread the word, not to work with these people. They will disappoint and ignore you if you have a problem! Shame on them!

  5. Melissa Keeley

    DON’T SEND THEM YOUR KID’S WORK! I have loved this company in the past, but they are a disaster right now. Five months later, my daughters book was received–with her name wrong on the cover, and my son’s book is still missing–they sent another child’s book instead. No responses from customer service in months. AWFUL SERVICE. AVOID!

  6. Dear Brian and Melissa,
    First of all on behalf of Lulu Jr. let me sincerely apologize for the frustrating experience you have had with our product. This is certainly never our intent and we definitely want to rectify this for you. We have a new customer service contact: We would be happy to assist you with these issues.

  7. stacy

    Just a little advice to Meg@Lulu, a better response to Brian and Melissa would be to tell them that YOU will be contacting them. Anyone frustrated enough with your process that they have to post a comment to get relief should not be told to contact you. Customer service is a lost art. If you want business, you must earn it.

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