Lulu as a Business Partner

As you may well know, Lulu has been the go-to print on demand, self-publishing platform since 2002.

Yet there’s one misconception we run into time and again. Many hear terms like ‘self-publish,’ ‘indie-publish,’ or ‘print on demand’ and envision a fraught author, hunched over their laptop, tapping out their masterpiece. That’s a common perception, and its not entirely inaccurate.

The idea that self-publishing is reserved for fiction authors is just plain wrong. People need books for a variety of reasons. Everyone with information they need to solidify and make accessible has use for books. Authors are not just story tellers. They are information entrepreneurs, they are business owners, experts in their fields, educators, trainers, travelers, cooks, entertainers, storytellers, journalists…this list could go on. I’ll stop short and get to the point.

Lulu is more than a publisher for fiction writers. We’re a print partner, ready to help your business, big or small, with a range of printing needs.

Whether you’re a business owner, or work in human resources, or a motivated entrepreneur, or a public speaker, or…I’m listing again. If you’ve got information you need to share to further your career or to make your business run smoothly, we’re ready to be your partner.

Here’s an example: Imagine you’ve developed a product. It’s a new take on an old idea, and something you know adherents of the old idea will love. You’ve got a market for this product, and you’re transitioning from development to entrepreneurial business person. You’re going to sell this product, and as you prepare to go to market, you also have to establish instructions. Customers will not be happy with your amazing product if they receive it and can’t turn it on!

But manuals aren’t cheap either. If you went with a more traditional printing method, you’d have to order a set quantity of the instructions and have them inserted into the packaging for your product. Not only does this cause you to incur another production cost, you’ll have an instruction manual that can only be updated by getting a new print run.

What if you could make the manual available without including it? Users who need or want the manual can order it (even a digital version if you wanted). The investment goes from substantial (making and printing a number of manuals and including them with each product) to negligible (just the cost to create the manual file). In fact, Lulu already has authors who do just this:

Raymarine UK Limited – Lulu Store

Raymarine makes and sells marine electronics for a wide range of nautical and boating uses. Their electronics require set up and training to use correctly. Rather than investing in pre-printed manuals, Raymarine has their manuals on the Lulu Bookstore, and users who need a manual can come to us and have one printed.

Manuals and instructional material can be important for internal use as well. Does your business use a training manual? Imagine being able to update the manual periodically with ease, and printing out only the most recent version for your new employees. Imagine the cost savings of having only the manuals you need at the ready, rather than stocking a number of them on hand.

Our print on demand tools allow Lulu to be an adaptable, quick means of printing exactly what you need when you need it. Here are some of the many ways a book can be useful for a business or entrepreneur:

  • Manuals/Instructions
  • Internal training
  • Reporting material
  • Advertising tool to promote your knowledge/product
  • Product catalog
  • Education material (custom text books, curriculum specific material, work books)

For years now Lulu has been a dependable business partner for professionals and companies with all kinds of printing needs. We’re ready to help you and your business with easy to use, fast, affordable, and high quality printed products.

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  1. John Green

    To help me be more comfortable in working with you

    (…I cannot believe a company will do something without return benefits for themselves.)

    What’s in it for you?

    If I know that, then I will be less skeptical about investing my time, energy, and money in working with lulu.

    Thank you for your kind consideration and not peing unhappy about my question. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Hi John,

    Great question!

    Our model is to earn when you earn. We take a 20% cut of revenue from sales, making our relationship with our authors the backbone of our income.

    To put it simply, we make money when you make money.

  3. Dennis O'Connor

    Hi, i’m trying to find out how to get started publishing my book. The story is about my 44 year old sister-in-law, who has down syndrome and I have kept a journal for over 40 years on hilarious comments she has made, challenges in her upbringing, how she has coped with tragedies in her life and how everyone has learned from this amazing person. At this point I have close to 18,000 words and I’m now trying to include the many pictures of the people in her life that she has encountered, such as Susan St. James, Dan Marino and the Govenor of Connecticut, to name a few. So, I need guidance in organizing the story and then I hope to market it to the National Down Syndrome Association and the Special Olympics of which she was a poster child for, back in 1982. I hope that this will help readers who have these special children and realize the positive impact they can have in everyone’s life as Kelly has. Her special gift is her humor.
    So, I see making this an E-book, but, if possible, to be able at times to order books for book signing events. also, need to know about copyright process, and just about everything else that I don’t know enough to ask about.
    thank you in advance for any assistance,
    Dennis O’Connor

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