As the year draws to a close, I’d like to take a moment to look back on 2017. Lulu has had a pretty exciting and interesting year—so let’s roll that highlight reel!

The Authors

We hosted 10 guest posters in 2017! We like to try to offer this opportunity to our authors and follows at least once a month – so if you want to share your self-publishing story, check out our guest posting guidelines!


Helping seniors publish is not an aspect of self-publishing Lulu often focuses on. In fact, it seems like every day we learn about a new way our platform helps unique groups print and publish their work.

Chris Greco, one of Lulu’s longest standing authors, had this in mind when he started teaching at a local senior center. He breaks through the mystery of self-publishing so seniors can share their wisdom and insight with another generation!


Lynette GreenfieldStories can do more than amaze or amuse us. They have the power to transport us to another world, to help us understand ourselves and make sense of the otherwise incomprehensible.

Lynette Greenfield is one of Lulu’s most incredible authors. She gave an interview with us this year to share her story of adversity and triumph through literature. If anyone can inspire you to live your dreams and never give up, it’s Lynette!



Aaron OzeeWhile whisking us away on magical adventures, stories can also teach us. About ourselves and the world, about others and about the human condition.

Aaron Ozee is a poet and children’s book author. He’s also a devote philanthropist, tying his literary ambitions to a greater goal to good for his community.



The Platform

Ask 10 Lulu authors what needs to do to improve and I bet 9 of them will say something to the effect of “update and upgrade.” I’m guessing that 10th one will say “more cats please” because this is the Internet.

None of these authors are wrong. Sadly, it’s unlikely we’ll be adding more cats to anytime soon. But we did make some big leaps forward in our platform in 2017!

These updates actually started in 2016 with the launch of, Lulu’s academic publishing service. This site provided academic focused publishing options, but it also allowed us to begin testing a new publishing wizard.

2017 has been about development for Lulu. We’ve begun to put into place a new microarchitecture that I won’t attempt to explain because I’m not a developer or coder. But we’re being as forward-thinking as we can with our design so that staying on curve with new technology will never hold us back again.

To that end, we’ve introduced a Lulu Print API this fall. Most Lulu users won’t have any interest in plugging into our print network through an API connection—but the development of this API opens doors for more and better tools going forward.

Next year is going to be one of important growth for Lulu.

The World

If you follow Lulu’s social media or blogs at all, you probably know we’re super proud to be a certified B Corp company. What this means is that Lulu strives to be as environmentally and community conscious as we can. From composting our waste to volunteering locally, we each make it our personal goal to foster a healthier world.

Lulu B Corps Certified Corporation

Thanks to the efforts of our Lulu Green Team, the office is rich with plants. And we make good use of the free volunteer time Lulu offers—three paid days to volunteer—by heading over to the North Carolina Food Bank to help package foodstuffs; by working with the Durham Literacy Center to bring large print versions of classic literature to their members; and by joining Habitat for humanity to help build homes in the Raleigh area.

The People

Because really, that’s what this all about. We earn a living making publishing and print on demand available to the world. We think that’s pretty amazing. It can be easy to get caught up in the day to day struggles, so let’s wrap up this look back with the people.

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