The Best Web Resources for Authors (Part 2)

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In an earlier blog post we went over some of the Internet’s best sites for the latest on publishing, finding a critique buddy or group, and even writing prompts. But that’s of course not all the Web has to offer. Here are a few others you might want to check out:

Mashable: Think you know social media? Think again. This self-proclaimed “largest independent news source dedicated to covering digital culture, social media and technology” features helpful articles on what’s trending (hint: keep checking to see if there’s a PR opportunity for your book); the latest must-have apps; and the marketing campaigns that have caught their expert’s eyes. If you’re looking to find out who’s showing off their stuff right, visit Mashable and learn from the best.

Seth Godin’s Blog: Seth Godin is a marketer extraordinaire. No, really. Just ask American Way magazine, which called him “America’s Best Marketer.” How did he earn such a title? Well, in addition to publishing 14 books (now available in 30 languages), he’s also founded dozens of companies. Although he admits that some failed, his latest–, a platform for publishing original, user-crafted lifestyle content on single topic pages–averages 13.1M U.S. visitors per month and 27M worldwide. In short, listen to his thoughts on “the circles of marketing,” taking risks, and, well, anything else.

The Coalition of Independent Authors: Speaking of those risks Mr. Godin talks about, if you’ve published (whether independently or not) you’ve taken the biggest one a creative type can. You’ve put your work out there. So commiserate and celebrate with others who’ve made the leap by joining the Coalition of Independent Authors, which was formed so that indie authors could control their intellectual property, as well as their books. As the organization’s site notes, “listing our books on one website we form a large enough presence on the web to be seen and heard.” It’s resources are a-plenty, from writing exercises to a special e-zine, the site is the place to go to find friends, not foes.

Brainy Quotes: Contrary to what your Twitter fans and followers will tell you, we all procrastinate. Some check out news stories, others follow celebrity gossip (guilty as charged over here!), while everyone else is most likely endlessly scrolling through their Facebook feeds. Yet time wasting need not be bleak. Why not learn a little something, too? If you’re looking for inspiration and a way to pass the hours, look no further than Brainy Quotes, which boasts poignant remarks by such esteemed writers as Robert Frost, Ernest Hemingway, and F. Scott Fitzgerald. Where else would you learn George Orwell’s thoughts on writing… being like a windowpane?

Women on Writing: Ladies, this one’s for you. A support network for and by women in the publishing industry — no matter in what role — the site covers all writers, from fiction to freelance. If you’re looking for a community, this is it. Between its resources page, a round-up of articles that cover the gamut of a writer’s needs, and the online classes being offered, this is one to bookmark.

As we said before, these are just a few sites that we love but there are many, many more to be perused. For example, make sure to check out what communities are around for your genre. Working on kid lit? Visit Resources for Children’s Writers. Have a hankering for horror? Stop by the Horror Writers Association’s site. Planning a murder mystery? You can… well, you get the point. So spend some time searching for topics you need help with or are interested in. The beauty of the web is that you never know what you’ll find.

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  1. Tasha Scott

    Great info I am newly published and trying to get up to speed on my new cookbook-My Grandmother’s Deep South Soul Food Cookbook.