Q&A with Award-Winning Lulu Jr. Author

2 min readThis summer, Rainbow Resource Center, which is based in Illinois, held a Super Summer Book Writing Contest for children ages 5-17. Using Lulu Jr.’s My Awesome Book, children wrote and illustrated their stories and submitted them for the competition. Avery… Continue Reading →

Okay, I Can Write…How Do I Get Published?

4 min readIntroductory note: We don’t love to boast, but when one of our authors is wonderful enough to do it for us, well, we have to share it. Today’s guest post is from Jeffrey Strickland – follow him on LinkedIn for… Continue Reading →

Bud Loftus: A Story. A Book. A Legacy.

2 min readAt 85, Bud Loftus added one more accomplishment — published author — to a life that has been defined by them. Bud Loftus lived a story that was almost never told. He suffered the sting of poverty as a child…. Continue Reading →

7,473 Volumes at 700 Pages Each: Meet Print Wikipedia

5 min read“Addition: To watch the artist speak about this project, you can view a video here:” After six years of work, a residency in the Canadian Rockies, endless debugging, and more than a little help from my friends, I have… Continue Reading →

Infographic: The Value of a Book

1 min readIn honor of World Book Day, we have created an infographic that shows the value of a book when you go through the traditional publishing process vs. the self-publishing route.

UNC MBA’s in the House!

2 min readLast week, we had the pleasure of welcoming three MBA students from the UNC Kenan-Flagler Business School to Lulu for a day of hands-on, out of the classroom learning. Elisa Lin, Caspar Xu and Zach Shapiro spent the day with… Continue Reading →

Help Us Say #NOMORE to Domestic Violence

1 min readWe’re joining the effort to make this Sunday’s big game about more than just football. To raise awareness of domestic abuse and sexual violence, we’re donating a portion of all our profits through Monday to InterAct, our local nonprofit agency… Continue Reading →

A Little Thursday Fun!

1 min read

Our First Reddit AMA

2 min readAll right, Reddit, we admit it, we have been lurking you longer than we should have. First you wooed us with memes, viral videos and funny pictures of cats. Then we realized that Reddit has real depth and grit. The… Continue Reading →

Happy Thanksgiving!

2 min readThanksgiving is almost here and it’s time for us all to reflect on what we’re grateful for in our lives. Yes, we all appreciate the turkey, stuffing, pumpkin pie and more, and we all enjoy taking the day to feast… Continue Reading →

Authors: Make your voice heard!

1 min readDigital Book World and Writer’s Digest are doing their third annual Author Survey. The results of the survey help guide the direction of the industry and the survey takes 15 minutes or less to complete. Be sure to make your… Continue Reading →

You Find It, We Make It Better

1 min readWe love when we get feedback from our customers on how to make their experience with even more awesome! Today we made two important new changes: we’ve made it easier for potential readers to find your book in our… Continue Reading →

Unique Holiday Gift Ideas

2 min readSkip the tie & cufflink set. Create a unique gift in less time than it takes to make a mall haul. In his latest New Yorker essay, “Understanding Owls: What does a gift say about the giver?” humorist and fellow… Continue Reading →

Lulu is Saving Your Sanity this Black Friday

2 min readThe cure for Mall Madness and Cyber Psychosis: Shop the place where imagination is never out of stock… with up to 51% Off*, Nov. 23-27. If there’s anything more frustrating than endlessly circling a mall for parking, it’s surfing the… Continue Reading →

Congratulations to Lulu’s Family Photos for the Holidays contest winners

1 min readThe nation is picking more than a chief executive this week. More than 1,500 votes have been tallied to determine the winners of Lulu’s Family Photos for the Holidays contest. And the results come with a clear mandate: more family… Continue Reading →

New Products and Services in 2013

1 min readIf you’ve ever wondered what we focus on at Lulu when we’re not helping creators tell their stories, the answer is: YOU, YOU, YOU.Yes, we’re obsessed. And for the last several months, we’ve been pouring over research on you, our… Continue Reading →

Grandparents in Revolt & The Lulu Contest to Give ’em What They Want

2 min readIf you’re a mom or dad, you answer to a lot of different bosses — chief among them, the grandparents. And that group often isn’t shy about sharing suggestions and directives. In a new national poll commissioned by Lulu, 96… Continue Reading →

Better Fundraising this Holiday with Lulu

2 min wants to help small businesses and non-profit organizations in our home state of North Carolina raise more funds this holiday season, just by making a free calendar. We’re even throwing in a $1,000 cash bonus to the organization that… Continue Reading →

The Nexus 7: Good News for EPUB Formatted eBooks

1 min readThe new Google Nexus 7 tablet is making headlines as the “Kindle Killer.”  Early adopters of the device are reporting that the Nexus 7 can open EPUB formatted eBooks, which you can create right here on Lulu, as well as… Continue Reading →

Send Your Book to the Frankfurt Book Fair

2 min readRoad Trip! – For your book Remember Book Fair Day in elementary school? If you’re anything like the rest of us Lulus, it was your favorite day of the year. You perused shelf after shelf in the Media Center, leafing… Continue Reading →

How To Land a Major Publisher

1 min readAspiring author Michael Ennis felt the sting of rejection after submitting drafts of his work, “The Malice of Fortune,” to several publishing houses. Ennis was ready to give up until he received a tip from his agent: Try booksellers first…. Continue Reading →

How To Write A Great Book Title

4 min readChoosing a clever title can be as hard as writing the book itself. Some writers say their title comes to them first, and the story develops from there, while other writers have folders of documents like, “Untitled, fantasy time travel… Continue Reading →

Book Expo America 2012: Three Authors and 36 Million Reasons to Meet Them

2 min readLulu is headed to Book Expo America (BEA), one of the largest publishing events in the world, next week, but we’re not going alone.  Three of our very own authors will be on site June 5th – 7th signing free… Continue Reading →

DIY Proofreading

3 min readHappy Editing Month: DIY Proofreading Proofreading is an important topic these days, particularly for indie authors. Just this week we caught sight of a conversation on Quora that started with the thread: “What does it say about you if you… Continue Reading →

How To Choose an Editor

2 min readHappy Editing Month: How to Choose an Editor When it comes to finding an editor to help you with your book, make sure it’s someone who responds to what you’ve written and how you’ve written it. Make no mistake: no… Continue Reading →

Lulu Celebrates 10 Years of Author Success

2 min readTen Years of Lulu View more presentations from Lulu Self-Publishing . 10 years ago our founder and CEO Bob Young had a vision that would change the publishing industry forever. Spawned from his own frustrations traditionally publishing his autobiography Under… Continue Reading →

Happy Editing Month: Only You Can Prevent Bad Book Reviews!

2 min readIt’s time for Lulu’s Editing Month once again – that time of year when the editors line up their metaphorical red pens and break out the prose polish. To kick off the month, we pose a question: What’s the last… Continue Reading →

Announcing the Lulu Publishing Advisor

1 min readIntroducing… The New Lulu Publishing Advisor I had coffee recently with an old friend who’s recently written a children’s book.  He, like many others, set out to conquer publishing without the help of an agent or publishing house. So naturally… Continue Reading →

Bestselling Author Kevin Powell Comes to Lulu

4 min readAuthor your vision, Live your purpose with Kevin Powell Author Kevin Powell stepped off the stage into a packed room of over 700 people after finishing his keynote speech in Raleigh, North Carolina last February.  He didn’t leave until he… Continue Reading →

Expand Your Business with Custom Publishing Solutions

2 min readI had an interesting conversation with an up and coming author recently who has a very specific vision.  She wants to cut out any potential for a “middle-man” to distract her readers from finding and buying her works.  She eventually… Continue Reading →

How to write a successful author bio

3 min readQuick, look at your back cover. If there’s a big blank space there, you probably need to write your author biography.  This is not the time to be shy; your author biography, while only a few sentences long, can have… Continue Reading →

Heads Up: Site Maintenance this Weekend

1 min read

CAMEX Recap – Bringing the Power of One-Stop Publishing to College Communities

2 min readLulu was at the Campus Market Expo (CAMEX) March 2-6th this week and boy did we have a great time. It was our first year at the event and since we were partnered with the National Association of College Stores… Continue Reading →

Fifty Shades of Grey on the Today Show

1 min readSuccess in publishing happens everyday, but what about for small to medium publishers?  Even they are empowered to expand their brands and imprints with the new tools and innovations self-publishing brings.  Why just this morning Fifty Shades of Grey was… Continue Reading →

From the Vault: More Social Networking Sites for Authors

1 min readThere are number of other websites and tools besides Twitter, FaceBook, and Google+ that are ideal for establishing relationships online. Many of these sites allow writers to find a highly targeted segment of Internet users to share ideas and get… Continue Reading →

Better Education Through Self-Publishing

2 min read  Apple obviously thinks that teachers could benefit from more self-publishing tools – and they’re right. Educators like Dr. Tony Kemerly, professor of biomechanics at High Point University and Lulu author, often find themselves spending countless hours every semester stapling… Continue Reading →

Using Facebook Timeline to Better Market Your Books

3 min readWhether you’re ready to click the “Like” button or you’re secretly wishing for a new “Hate” button to be added over the new Facebook changes, the popular social networking site is getting ready to update…again. On February 2nd, everyone’s profiles… Continue Reading →

eBook Education: Know Your Formats

2 min readHey there remarkable author. Want your titles to reach even more readers?  Today’s lesson: Know your eBook formats. PDF, LIT, BBEB, EPUB.  There are literally dozens of different file formats able to be assigned to the end of your would-be… Continue Reading →

What’s the buzz on all this Apple publishing stuff?

1 min readIf you’ve been paying attention to any tech news since yesterday, you probably heard about the Apple announcement of their new iBook® Author app – geared towards educators looking to publish textbooks for customized classroom solutions.  Here’s what some of… Continue Reading →

Download Day Winner Announced!

2 min readIn a recent blog post, we predicted that Dec. 26th would be one of the highest traffic days for new readers buying eBooks.  We crunched the numbers and are happy to report that indeed, the day after Christmas – when… Continue Reading →

Winners of the Lulu Short Story Contest Announced!

2 min readWow. We just can’t get over how many truly remarkable stories we received for the first ever Lulu Short Story Contest. Our panel of 25 judges carefully read through the 2000+ submissions, picked their favorite, then read it out loud… Continue Reading →

Download Day is Coming. Create an eBook, Win a Barnes and Noble NOOK

3 min readeBooks are the hot topic these days and with good reason.  Industry analysts are estimating 24.5 million lucky folks will be unwrapping shiny new e-readers this holiday season, which is expected to double overall eBook sales over last year’s whopping… Continue Reading →

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