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5 Basics for Creating a Marketing Plan That Doesn’t Suck

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At Lulu, we have hundreds of thousands of authors, and each one has a different approach to marketing. But, one thing all successful authors have in common, is that they sell their brand, not just their book.

Now, let me explain why this is important.

Unless you’re the offspring of Stephen King or JK Rowling, there’s a good chance the first book you write will not be the one that gets you into the literary hall of fame. It may not even be the second one. Or the third. The important thing to remember is to keep writing and keep developing your author brand. Millions of books come out every day, but there is only one of you. So, focus on the one thing that no other author has. You!

In the webinar we created for Indie Author Day, we laid out 5 steps to building and marketing your author brand that will get you on the right track. I’ll list them here as well, with a bit more information and insight.

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