An Interview With The Lulu Book Review

5 min readEvery so often we receive an email asking if we are affiliated with the Lulu Book Review blog. While we aren’t officially affiliated with the great review team of the LLBR blog, we are big fans of the work they… Continue Reading →

A proposal for the books!

2 min readCameron Kelly knew that his girlfriend Angie was the one for him. When it came to popping the question, he turned to Lulu to help him find the words. When you realized you were ready to propose, why did you… Continue Reading →

Forums – Rubbing Elbows, Virtually.

2 min readForums are virtual meeting rooms where people with an Internet connection from all walks of life can come together and mingle. Think of forums as a party where the discussions are typed out and only one person talks at a… Continue Reading →

Being Social in 2K9

2 min readIf your New Year’s resolutions include gaining more exposure and meeting interesting people, then social networking is a no-brainer Every day, more and more people and businesses are realizing that social networking sites like weRead and Facebook are a necessity… Continue Reading →

Santy Claws and the Toe-nenbaum

1 min readSanty Claws and the TOE-nenbaum is a quirky tale of bravery and “brotherly” love by the folks at McMillan, a creative agency based in Ottawa. What began as something special for their clients and friends became an inspirational story for… Continue Reading →

My Epic Battle with “The Nothing”

2 min readThe blank page with its vast, open space is looking back at me with an unblinking stare. Now I’m consumed by the fear and panic caused by the possibility of missing a deadline. I’ve got it, writer’s block, and it… Continue Reading →

Halloween at Lulu

1 min readThere are times during our blog meetings where I get so excited about writing a post for a specific holiday or event that I will actually threaten to arm wrestle anyone who thinks about writing that day. I have come… Continue Reading →

Independent Research Concludes Comfort Foods Really Do Comfort!

1 min readOk, I admit this economy has me freaked out. Every time I listen to the news or read the paper, the grim financial reports are inescapable. I find it increasingly difficult to keep my mind from wandering off to my… Continue Reading →

A Pirates Life Fer Me (fer today) Arrrr!

4 min readAhoy, mateys! It’s that time of year, again! I had a hard time sleeping last night because of all the excitement the next morning would bring. I laid my outfit for the next day on the floor and hid my… Continue Reading →

PCOS: One Woman's Journey

4 min readLike many other women, I was diagnosed with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome after many years of uncertainty and misdiagnosis. Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) affects approximately 1 in 10 women but is still widely unknown. Some of the effects PCOS may have… Continue Reading →

Coming to Fruition: A Manifesto

13 min readThe Blog Team here at Lulu doesn’t usually have the opportunity to share such a story with our readers, but when Lisa Haneberg sent us her account of helping our elders become published authors we knew we had to share… Continue Reading →

Oh No! Guests Are On Their Way, And You NEED Recipes NOW!

3 min readOk, so you’ve waited til the last minute and decided to have guests over for an awesome Fourth of July BBQ. You sent the text messages, posted an announcement on your blog, emailed your home skillets and maybe even tweeted… Continue Reading →

How to create the BEST book trailer, EVER. (seriously.)

2 min readBook trailers. You’ve seen ‘em and thought to yourself, “I could do that.” Perhaps you thought “I could do that better!” I’m here to tell you how! First, write a book. This is the most difficult part of creating a… Continue Reading →

Introducing The Improved Lulu Studio!

1 min readDrum roll, please! Last night Lulu released a few updates to our site. Some were long awaited fixes to problems like the preview bug, (yes, preview is fixed!) and other changes were things that probably didn’t affect you in the… Continue Reading →

Earth Day Every Day

2 min readIn honor of Earth Day, I would like to share three simple and easy suggestions on ways you can help the planet all year long. Light bulbs! Did you know if every U.S. household replaced just one light bulb with… Continue Reading →

Suggested Easter Reading

1 min readToday is the Spring Equinox which means Easter is right around the corner! Here in North Carolina, despite the drought that has plagued us for months, the recent rain has provided enough sustenance for flowers to bloom, grass to grow… Continue Reading →

New Barcodes on CDs and DVDs

2 min readIn an effort to streamline our DVD and CD creation process, Lulu has recently implemented the use of barcodes. These barcodes are very small (1.5” x 0.5” or 3.81 x 1.27 cm) and will appear on various sections of the… Continue Reading →

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