Harish Abbott

Be iPad Ready with Lulu

1 min readUnless you were hiding under a rock today, you know that Apple announced a new tablet computer that also functions as an eBook reader. Speculation about the device has been building for months and the actual gadget is still about 60… Continue Reading →

Building Selection to Boost Author Success

2 min readDan Brown. Malcolm Gladwell. Emeril Lagasse. They all have something in common with you: They’re on Lulu. You’ll now find their works — and about 200,000 other eBook titles from traditionally published authors — in the Lulu Marketplace. We’ve added… Continue Reading →

Why Does Social Media Mean Success For Publishing?

2 min readBooks have always been about conversations, a way to share ideas and pass on knowledge so that we as people improve with each generation. Technology is making that conversation better by adding more voices to the dialogue. We see that… Continue Reading →

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