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Meet the Dropbox for Books…Ownshelf

2 min readIn only a few short years of existence, Dropbox has become indispensable for computer users the world over, who need to quickly share files with their friends, coworkers, and relatives. But until now, there hasn’t really been a popular way… Continue Reading →

SiDiM…the future of DRM software

2 min read“Stately, plump Buck Mulligan came from the landing, holding a bowl of lather on which a glass and a razor were crossed.” This is not the first sentence of James Joyce’s modernist masterpiece Ulysses. But one day it could be. Maybe…. Continue Reading →

Are eBooks Bad For Kids?

2 min readIn the eyes of many parents, there’s just something wrong with the image of their child hunched over a tablet computer, whizzing through a program with the tip of their finger. Upon closer inspection, the parent sees that they’re reading… Continue Reading →

The artistic possibilities of self-publishing span far and wide

2 min readTwo articles concerned with the question of the artistic possibilities of self-publishing a book caught my attention this week. The first was a testimonial by Mark Bastable published in The Telegraph and titled “How I overcame snobbery to self-publish an e-book.”… Continue Reading →

How to stay fresh when writing becomes work

2 min readWhen you do something professionally, whether it’s a full time gig that pays the bills or part-time work to get that walking-around money, it can become monotonous. To be honest, the odds are that it will. In some cases, that… Continue Reading →

eBooks gaining ground but, printed books remain number one

2 min readWhen eBooks really started to take off around three years ago, their success was accompanied by the typical doomy, gloomy apocalyptic hand-wringing about the future of the printed book. The thinking then was that every winner has to have a… Continue Reading →

Self-publishing gaining ground in the academics

2 min readWhile I don’t typically pay a lot of attention to academic publishing, I recently ran across a very interesting article in the Chronicle of Higher Education on (mostly) young academics taking advantage of the new opportunities afforded to them by recent… Continue Reading →

Living in a DRM-Free World

2 min readDigital Rights Management, the software that helped protect the copyright of books, but turned out to be a rather large hindrance to many readers, is beginning to go the way of the Dodo. More and more businesses that sell eBooks… Continue Reading →

Worldreader delivers with mobile phones and eBooks

2 min readWhen we think of an ideal e-reader, we tend to visualize something like the Nook or Kindle or iPad — a device that has the dimensions, but not necessarily the heft of a book. Most us probably don’t think of… Continue Reading →

Writing and work ethic

2 min readA dear friend of mine told me the other day that she couldn’t understand how I was able to write. “I just sit down at my computer and, well, eventually I start writing,” I told her. “No,” she said. “I… Continue Reading →

Should eBooks even try to be books?

2 min readWe can all agree that when it comes to eBooks, we’re still at the very early stages of their existence. Like early video games or early films, we have yet to push the boundaries that will ultimately define the format…. Continue Reading →

The Modern Poet

2 min readIt’s National Poetry Month and in conjunction with, we are celebrating the works and contributions of poets from all over the world.  Check out all of the happenings here. Poets face an interesting dilemma in the contemporary publishing field… Continue Reading →

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