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Make a Vote for Yourself: The Best Book Award Opportunities

2 min readOne of our authors recently shared quite a long list of awards for self-published authors. Her action inspired us to qualify that list and find the best awards where our authors can submit their books for consideration. We’ve compiled that… Continue Reading →

What’s New at

1 min readOver the past few months, we’ve been focusing on ways to make an easier, more engaging experience for authors and shoppers alike. You’ll notice that as of today has a brand new look and feel, which has been… Continue Reading →

Summer is not quite over…get in a good read before it ends!

2 min read  Summer is perfect for tackling your reading list. Whether you’re an avid reader that keeps an ongoing list of books on your phone or tablet, or a more casual reader who picks up a book from time to time,… Continue Reading →

Meet NaNoWriMo Accelerator Author: Marquel Sherry

2 min readWhat first motivated you to write a book? I’ve wanted to since grade school I just could never get a whole story out. NaNoWriMo kind of helped push me to finishe a story. What did you find to be the… Continue Reading →

Meet NaNoWriMo Accelerator Author: Ashley Stinson

3 min readWhat first motivated you to write a book? I’ve always been a voracious reader, particularly of fantasy novels. Writing seemed like a natural extension of all this reading; the practice of building a world, filling it with people, thinking of… Continue Reading →

Top 10 Tips: Your Book should (actually) look like a Book

2 min readNew authors are always excited to announce the publication of their latest work. After months or years of writing, rewriting, editing and re-editing, just getting through the publishing wizard feels like a monumental accomplishment. To celebrate this milestone, new authors… Continue Reading →

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