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Top 10 Tips: Think Like a Librarian

2 min readSomething you should know…librarians dream in Metadata. “Meta what?” you ask. Metadata is data about data. In eBook terms it consists of your title, subtitle, author name, category, etc. For those of you who remember the 1900s, metadata would be… Continue Reading →

Top 10 Tips: Get to Know and Love your Audience

2 min readSpoiler alert. The most important step towards effectively marketing your product – whether it’s a book or a business or a lemonade stand – is understanding your audience. We knew this was true for as a business, and wanted… Continue Reading →

Top 10 Tips: Multiple Book Formats are your Friends

2 min readContributed by Dan Dillon, Lulu Director of Product Marketing I recently had the pleasure to co-present a webinar with Bowker on Self-Publishing: Your Path to Success. Ralph Coviello, publisher relations manager at Bowker, shared copious insights into how the self-publishing… Continue Reading →

Top 10 Tips: Have a Marketing Plan Outlined Before you Publish your Book

6 min readWriting a book is no small feat. And you should be proud of yourself for all the hard work you’ve done so far. As exciting as it is to have a finished manuscript in front of you though, there is… Continue Reading →

Top 10 Tips: Editing, Editing, Editing

2 min readIt seems like a simple concept, right? Editing, that is. Every author should do it, but too often many (especially indie authors) gloss over the second most important step to publishing their book outside of actually writing it. One of… Continue Reading →

Top 10 Tips: Consider Giving (Some) of your Book Away

2 min readWhat’s better than free? It might seem irrational, but one of the best ways that authors have found to gain popularity and profitability for their eBooks has been to, well, give them away. Authors have found that dropping the price… Continue Reading →

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