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A Remarkable Find: Books as Art

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Copyright 2009 Jacqueline Rush Lee

Copyright 2009 Jacqueline Rush Lee

At Lulu, we love books. As we all know, a book is much more than a book – it’s the greatest cultural object our modern society has created. While on the ‘net one day, I came across some amazing works – books as actual, tangible art!

I thought it would be great to share these findings here among other bibliophiles. See how these artists use the book as raw material, and transform the printed word into visual art.

Thomas Allen

Jacqueline Rush Lee

Nina Katchadourian

Will Ashford

Help us with a home(page) remodel

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We like to keep things fresh here at Lulu. But lately, we feel like our home page is getting a little stale.

So we’re ripping up the floors and bringing out the paint … or at least the wire frames and graphics. Our goal is to make a better experience for both of our customer groups: content creators and buyers. We want to highlight the diverse selection of content available on, help our creators sell more and make sure we remain a first stop for anyone publishing or buying books.  As with any remodel, we need some ideas. So help us out!

What should we keep on the homepage?
What should we take away?
What should we add?

If there are sites that you think are particularly well designed, let us know that, too.

We love the creativity of our community, so give us your thoughts. And stay tuned. We expect to have an updated look this spring.

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