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Marketing Tip of the Week: Get the Word Out

Email your friends and colleagues:

Email is a great way to get the word out on your book, and who better to support you than those you already know. Explain why you wrote the book and what it is about. Be sure to include a link to your book on Lulu so they can click through and make a purchase. You can use your personal email provider or use the handy email button included on every Lulu product page.

Lastly, ask the people on your list to forward the email on to their friends and colleagues. Think of it this way – if you send an email to 100 friends, family and colleagues, and half of them send it on to another 10 people, you will reach 600 people – quick and cheap. Just take care to be respectful and don’t spam people with your book with too many emails. That can be a pretty quick turn off.

Contact your local newspaper:

Local journalists are always looking for new and interesting things to report on, so help them out by approaching them with your story. serves as a directory for newspapers worldwide. Just select your state or country to find local newspapers in your area. Here are some tips on how to increases the odds of being featured:

  • Research the newspaper’s staff and identify the editor who would be most interested in the subject matter of your book based on their field of coverage (don’t send your book on murder mysteries to the international affairs journalist).
  • Have an angle: Pick one or two ideas that could be the lead-in for the story and why you think readers will find this interesting.
  • Have family, friends or coworkers read your pitch and make tweaks based on their questions and feedback.
  • Email the editor and follow up with a phone call.

Outreach like this can go a long way in gaining important exposure for your book. So, don’t be shy – get the word out!

Publish an ePub. Win an iPad

iPadContest_BlogBannerThe time to get in on the gold rush for ePub books has never been better.  From now until March 22, 2010, simply publish an ePub version of your book, and you’ll be automatically eligible to win one of three Apple iPads.  Yep, that’s right – just create an ePub book and you could score a brand new iPad…on us.

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Lulu Around the Web

Every week we like to take some time to listen to what people are saying about Lulu.  We love hearing from our authors, creators and customers because they help us to get even better at what we do.  Here’s what we’ve found this past week:

  • Toronto-born photographer Nigel Brighton got some PR when he chose to publish his new book “Beauty from Within” with Lulu.  His book is a compilation of his work with models in the beauty industry over the past 15 years.
  • Cindy Bauer, a highly-rated Lulu author herself, wrote a great article for Visual Arts Junction on how to format your manuscript.  A great resource for anyone interested in writing or publishing.
  • Gayle Crabtree used Lulu to make a photo book as a Valentine’s Day gift for her husband, and reveiewed her experience on her blog.  She found our process easy and simple, and was impressed with the print quality of her photo book.  Best of all, her hubby loved it!
  • Sandra over at Infinite Worlds of Fantasy Authors was a fan of our President’s Day sale.  You can find one of her stories in the adventure-oriented fantasy magazine Winter’s Night.  Check it out and let us know what you think.