Author Success Stories

Highlighting some of the many author success stories and keeping readers in-the-know about what their fellow writers are up to.

Writing with Purpose

2 min readHere at Lulu we talk daily about how every person has a story to tell. About the role of publishing in knowledge sharing. About the importance of text in education and business. About how critical it is that we as… Continue Reading →

Author: Edie Summers – The Memory of Health

1 min readLulu author Edie Summers has more than a decade of experience in health and wellness. Her book draws from personal experiences to highlight the benefits of mindful living in conjunction with more traditional health care options. Recently, Lulu sat down… Continue Reading →

Author Rick Solomon – Autism: The Potential Within

2 min readAs a Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrician with twenty-five specializing in autism, Dr. Rick Solomon saw first hand parents with autistic children struggling to connect. He identified the importance of this connection, both for the parents and the child, and set… Continue Reading →

Author Anita Riley: Pints, Publishing and Pink Boots

2 min readA few months ago, I received an email from a friend asking if I had time to talk to someone about publishing a book. I always enjoy talking with authors and there was the promise of a free pint, so… Continue Reading →

Author Jay Nachlis: Write Your Rock Star Memoir

1 min readLast week, author Jay Nachlis dropped by the Lulu office to talk about his experience writing and self-publishing his memoir “Never Trust a Grown Man with a Ponytail: How a Regular Guy Lived a Rockstar Life.” Our conversation covered several… Continue Reading →

You Are Why We Do What We Do

2 min readMost days our support team members answer questions about how to publish books and ebooks, track down late deliveries, and help people order books. Occasionally, we receive letters like this one, that remind us we are not just printing and… Continue Reading →

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