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Highlighting some of the many author success stories and keeping readers in-the-know about what their fellow writers are up to.

Fight On! The March Sales Contest Winner

4 min readIgnatius Umlaut, the winner of the March Sales Contest was kind enough to take the time to conduct an interview with me via email this week. If you are a author, or want to be one, be sure… Continue Reading →

Lulu Author Interview: Samata Angel

4 min readI am a huge advocate for social networking. My love of Twitter has kind of become a running joke around the office. Everything we do, I try to work in a way to utilize Twitter. In fact, our partner WeRead… Continue Reading →

Lulu Author Interview: Jon Norris of

2 min readI think that I have talked about how is home to some pretty amazing pieces of content in nearly every post I have written. One of my most recent discoveries was created by Jon Norris over at OnWired… Continue Reading →

Lulu Author Interview: Dawson Vosburg

4 min readThere is no real way to classify what is the typical Lulu author. We have such a wide range of people publishing books through Lulu that trying to classify who is a Lulu author is nearly impossible. It is this… Continue Reading →

An Interview With The Lulu Book Review

5 min readEvery so often we receive an email asking if we are affiliated with the Lulu Book Review blog. While we aren’t officially affiliated with the great review team of the LLBR blog, we are big fans of the work they… Continue Reading →

Lulu Author Interview: Anthony S. Policastro

4 min readWorking at has been a pretty interesting experience. Aside from all I have learned about the publishing industry, I have met some pretty unique people. I interviewed a former adult movie actress, a magazine publisher, and even helped a… Continue Reading →

Lulu Author Interview: Marty Wombacher

6 min is a pretty amazing website. We get tons of books, photobooks and other awesome content published through the site each day. When the site was smaller, I could pretty much see all of the new books that people had… Continue Reading →

Lulu Author Interview: Greg Prato

5 min readGreg Prato has published two books through Lulu, A Devil on One Shoulder and an Angel on the Other: The Story of Shannon Hoon and Blind Melon and Touched by Magic: The Tommy Bolin Story. Both of Greg’s books document… Continue Reading →

Lulu Author Interview: Chad Moutray

4 min readLulu is home to thousands of books. You can find cookbooks, books about golf, puppy calendars, business guides and more. While I was browsing the Lulu marketplace happened across a book that stood out to me. Chad Moutray’s touching memoir… Continue Reading →

Bob Marckini: Lulu Author Interview

2 min readRobert J. Marckin is the top-selling author of You Can Beat Prostate Cancer, a survival guide that he wishes had been available when he was diagnosed. Bob has generously shared his insight into what has helped his book become a… Continue Reading →

Santy Claws and the Toe-nenbaum

1 min readSanty Claws and the TOE-nenbaum is a quirky tale of bravery and “brotherly” love by the folks at McMillan, a creative agency based in Ottawa. What began as something special for their clients and friends became an inspirational story for… Continue Reading → Author Interview: Bob McDonald

2 min readI love using Twitter to find out what the Lulu community is up to.  Often, I head over to and type in the search field to see how our authors are promoting themselves via Twitter.  There are hundreds… Continue Reading →

So You Think You Can Write a Book

4 min readAnthony S. Policastro is not just the Senior Business Analyst at, he is also an author. He was kind enough to take the time out of his day to write a great post on how to write and market… Continue Reading →

Get Sound Financial Advice From Lulu Authors

2 min readWith all this talk of bail-outs, recessions and slumping markets, I’m itching to yank my money out of the bank and throw it under the mattress. Ok…maybe I wouldn’t go that far, but I can’t help feeling a little antsy… Continue Reading →

The Ultimate James Bond Book @

6 min readIf your dream job involves playing blackjack in the Casino de Monte Carlo while keeping tabs on a criminal mastermind, wooing a beautiful woman, and drinking vodka martinis (shaken not stirred), then you’re probably looking forward to this November’s release… Continue Reading →

A Pirates Life Fer Me (fer today) Arrrr!

4 min readAhoy, mateys! It’s that time of year, again! I had a hard time sleeping last night because of all the excitement the next morning would bring. I laid my outfit for the next day on the floor and hid my… Continue Reading →

Does Anyone At Lulu Actually Know What It's Like To Write A Book?

3 min readBy Elmore Hammes I certainly can’t speak for everyone in the company, but I can answer for myself with a resounding “yes!” In fact, I was a Lulu customer long before I was an employee. I first heard about Lulu… Continue Reading →

PCOS: One Woman's Journey

4 min readLike many other women, I was diagnosed with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome after many years of uncertainty and misdiagnosis. Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) affects approximately 1 in 10 women but is still widely unknown. Some of the effects PCOS may have… Continue Reading →

Fighting CF with Bikes and Books

1 min readWith the awesomeness that is the Olympics going on, there are lots of inspiring hero stories being told. But not every hero is at the Olympics. There are people out there doing heroic things everyday. One hero we recently discovered… Continue Reading →

The Truth is Out There

3 min readOne of my favorite responsibilities that go along with being a Lulu is exploring our site for new and intriguing titles. Intriguing is exactly what came to mind when I stumbled across Alien Interview ( while looking for books on… Continue Reading →

Coming to Fruition: A Manifesto

13 min readThe Blog Team here at Lulu doesn’t usually have the opportunity to share such a story with our readers, but when Lisa Haneberg sent us her account of helping our elders become published authors we knew we had to share… Continue Reading →

Lulu Author Interview: Georgina Spelvin

4 min readIn June, the star of one of the most famous adult films published a book through about how she became an erotic film star with the making of “The Devil in Miss Jones” in 1972. The book reveals her… Continue Reading →

Oh No! Guests Are On Their Way, And You NEED Recipes NOW!

3 min readOk, so you’ve waited til the last minute and decided to have guests over for an awesome Fourth of July BBQ. You sent the text messages, posted an announcement on your blog, emailed your home skillets and maybe even tweeted… Continue Reading →

In Memory of Lulu Author Kit Gleave

2 min readLulu lost a good friend and a great author on May 23rd. Kit Gleave, author of the Stone Messiahs series passed away in Bath, England last month. I never met Kit, but corresponded with him numerous times about marketing his… Continue Reading →

Lulu Author Interview: Alison Wade

4 min readAlison Wade has compiled a great cookbook of recipes by some of the greatest runners in history including Joan Benoit Samuelson, Sebastian Coe and more. The book features 100 recipes from 90 contributors. All of the profits from the book… Continue Reading →

Lulu Author Interview: Ken Henderson

6 min readI stumbled across Ken Henderson’s NHL editorial comics while reading an NHL fansite. A visit to his website led me back to and his storefront. From Ken’s Bio: I grew up playing in the coal hills of Union Bay… Continue Reading →

Suggested Easter Reading

1 min readToday is the Spring Equinox which means Easter is right around the corner! Here in North Carolina, despite the drought that has plagued us for months, the recent rain has provided enough sustenance for flowers to bloom, grass to grow… Continue Reading →

Celebrate Black History Month with Lulu

2 min readAs February is Black History Month, we would like to highlight some of our Lulu users and encourage others to create and share cultural content to celebrate the holiday. Many African Americans use Lulu to celebrate their culture through a… Continue Reading →

Lulu Offers Sweet Surprises for Valentine’s Day

2 min readHi, my name is Shannon. A recent Lulu addition, I’m serving as an intern in the area of Public Relations. Part of my job here at Lulu is to find some of the really interesting and unique creators on Lulu…. Continue Reading →

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