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Holding Onto Your Independence: The Problem With Amazon’s KDP Merger

This past week we learned that Amazon’s CreateSpace (CS) and Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) are merging. For many in the self-publishing realm, this comes as no surprise. Amazon has made several changes to CS over the past year, leading many… Continue Reading →

4 Examples of How Lulu xPress Makes Life Better

Learn more about Lulu xPress, the best thing to happen to print-on-demand since Lulu!

Taking Control with the New Lulu xPress Shopify® App

I’m incredibly happy to announce the release of our new Shopify® app, Lulu xPress; the first Shopify® app to provide users with the fully automated ability to sell, print and fulfill their book content! Read on to learn more about… Continue Reading →

3 Ways Lulu makes the World a Better Place

  It’s pretty trendy these days for businesses to tout their environmental and social efforts. Feel good ad campaigns that feature lots of flowery imagery and expound the company’s conscientious and caring for issues like the environment, employee well-being, or… Continue Reading →

Lulu Vignettes: Making a Change for Good

April is Earth month! While Lulu prefers to think about environmentally healthy business practices all the time, we’re taking April as an opportunity to really highlight the ways businesses and individuals can make a difference in their community. In that… Continue Reading →

2018 Tax Announcement

Hey everyone! I know the holidays are around the corner and the last thing you want to think about right now is tax season but… I just want to give a quick reminder to everyone that tax season, no matter… Continue Reading →

Book Printing Simplified: Lulu Print API

Lulu is proud to announce the release of our Print API, the first of several API connections we plan to offer the publishing and developer communities. What exactly does this mean for you? I’m glad you asked! Are you a… Continue Reading →

B-Corp: Resolution Renewals

Happy belated Second Half of the Year Day! For many of us, we began the year by setting a resolution or two. Back in January I thought 2017 would be the year I’d finally train myself to stop squeezing toothpaste from the middle of… Continue Reading →

Peas Be With You

You may not think of books and compost as the most obvious friends, but when it comes to Lulu and CompostNow, we have a lot more in common than you’d first guess. Our organizations are passionate about sustainability, building community,… Continue Reading →

Lulu has a Can-Do Attitude 

Join Team Lulu on a tour of the Sonoco Reclamation Center to celebrate Earth Month and expand our knowledge of the waste stream! On a crisp, Carolina blue Thursday, we embarked on a journey alongside our LaCroix cans, yogurt cups, and… Continue Reading →

Author Rick Solomon – Autism: The Potential Within

As a Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrician with twenty-five specializing in autism, Dr. Rick Solomon saw first hand parents with autistic children struggling to connect. He identified the importance of this connection, both for the parents and the child, and set… Continue Reading →

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