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Lulu’s picks for the Animal Lover on your list!

4 min read  The holidays are right around the corner. Literally. It’s December. If you haven’t already bought books and calendars for everyone on your list, time is running short! Don’t sweat it though, Lulu has you covered. Starting today and running… Continue Reading →

Give back with your Lulu Book – Giving Tuesday

3 min read  Today is Giving Tuesday and in the spirit of helping others, we wanted to give you a quick and easy way to support your community this holiday season! Whether you’re a non-profit trying to raise some extra funds, a… Continue Reading →

Guest Blog: The Most Common Ways to Self-Publish Your Book Today

8 min read  Writing a book is not easy. If you think it is, then you probably haven’t written one yet. f you have written one, though, you know the effort that goes into creating that masterpiece. But what’s a masterpiece worth… Continue Reading →

How to Google: Get Found Online or Get Left Behind

12 min read  The Google search bar has become iconic in the online world. Other search services exist (Bing, DuckDuckGo, etc…), but Google has eclipsed all of these with their powerful and ever-evolving search algorithms and machine learning. What Google has effectively… Continue Reading →

Guest Blog: Stacey Hope of Hope & Plum Book Publishing

5 min read  Today we have an interview with Lulu author and publisher Stacey Hope. She is the head of Hope & Plum Book Publishing, a strives to create vibrant, colorful books to bring happiness and smiles to her readers. Hope &… Continue Reading →

2018 Tax Announcement

2 min readHey everyone! I know the holidays are around the corner and the last thing you want to think about right now is tax season but… I just want to give a quick reminder to everyone that tax season, no matter… Continue Reading →

Give Santa a Break and Do It Yourselfie – Photo Books & Calendars [How-To]

9 min read  It’s September already! 2017 is going to be over before you know it. And with the end of the year comes holidays; family celebrations, great food, and gift giving. At Lulu, we’re excited to help you give the best… Continue Reading →

Guest Blog: Self-Publishing for the Social Entrepreneur: 3 Strategies for Success

7 min read  Changing the world is a necessary, messy business. Coming up with feasible solutions and people talented enough to enact them is a long process that takes time, energy, and a lot of gumption. There are already so many hoops… Continue Reading →

Give Something Unique This Year [Holiday Gift Guide]

5 min read  The holidays are fast approaching. And I’m sure everyone has their shopping planned and ready for this year, right? Right? If you’re anything like me, you’ve got a bunch of cool ideas about gifts, but you’re going to wait… Continue Reading →

Lulu is cooking up something new [Cookbooks]

5 min read  Fall is upon us. And this time of year always means lots of delicious food! From Halloween sweets to Thanksgiving feasts to that fruitcake that…well fruitcake is just kind of a thing that’s always there, isn’t it? One of… Continue Reading →

Author Interview: Hannah Russell and the Magic of Little Alf

7 min read  Self-publishing attracts a wide and diverse range of writers. Like, staggeringly wide and diverse. You know why. Because we all have stories to tell, wisdom to impart, and a desire – almost a need – to share those stories…. Continue Reading →

Guest Blog – A Publishing Vision with Aaron Ozee

5 min read  Aaron Ozee writes poetry and children’s book. Recently we had an opportunity to connect with Aaron, and as a follow up we did a quick Q&A with him about his experience as an author, poet, and a publisher.

Ins and Outs of Facebook Marketing [Lulu Q&A]

8 min read  Today we’re going to expand on some of the past content we’ve looked at surrounding Social Media Marketing. While it’s easy to talk about using social media in the abstract, it’s another thing entirely to actually get in there… Continue Reading →

Spread Happiness: Create Your Own Coloring Book

3 min readColoring books have always been a simple, calming way to entertain children. Recently, a new kind of coloring book has found a place in the book world—adult coloring books. The simple act of selecting colors and turning a line drawing… Continue Reading →

Getting to Know Lulu’s Users [Survey Results]

4 min read  Earlier this year, Lulu’s Public Relations department crafted a series of surveys for our users. As we work on developing new technology and tools for our authors (like our Print API) we want to ensure these changes take into… Continue Reading →

From Blank Page to Complete Book in Thirty Days [NaNoWriMo]

10 min read  November is almost upon us, and if you’re a writer you probably know that November means novel writing month! If you haven’t gotten away from your writing desk in a while, National Novel Writing Month (also known as NaNoWriMo)… Continue Reading →

Indie Author Day! [Video]

1 min readCheck out this great video from Indie Author Day! In the video, we’ll go over those 5 Basics to creating a marketing plan that doesn’t suck – found here on our blog from last week. So if you’re ready to… Continue Reading →

Lulu Calendar Contest Winners!

3 min read  Our Calendar contest wound down on Sunday night, and we gathered our group of judges to decide which calendars will make it into our Holiday Gift Guide! With over 40 calendars to choose from, selecting 5 was no easy… Continue Reading →

Pricing Your Book to Sell!

11 min read  I read a lot of articles pertaining to publishing. Every day my inbox brims with new content, and I read over it carefully because I want to be in the know just like our authors. Everyone here at Lulu… Continue Reading →

5 Basics for Creating a Marketing Plan That Doesn’t Suck

4 min readAt Lulu, we have hundreds of thousands of authors, and each one has a different approach to marketing. But, one thing all successful authors have in common, is that they sell their brand, not just their book. Now, let me… Continue Reading →

Short Fiction: Writing to Grow

8 min read  As a Lulu author, you most likely use Lulu to publish and print long-form books. For a fiction author, this probably means novels are your main form of content. Stemming from this, you might think that you should just… Continue Reading →

3 Keys to Planning the Best Author Events

11 min readAuthor events are a cornerstone of all author marketing plans. Perhaps not as far-reaching or crucial as a strong social media presence or a consistent and growing author blog, the events you attend during a book launch and in the… Continue Reading →

Blogging for Success

10 min readIf you didn’t know it already, being a self-published author is no easy task. Not only will you be producing all your own content, but you’ll also be promoting all that content. The independent author is a writer, editor, designer,… Continue Reading →

Take Your Book to the Next Level [IBPA Award Entry]

6 min readIf you’re a writer at all like me, you’ve imagined at one point or another seeing your book on The New York Times bestseller list. Or short listed for an award like the Man Booker prize, Hugo, Newberry, or National… Continue Reading →

Let’s Get Social!

15 min readNo I don’t mean you need to get out more. What I mean is: if you’re a self-published author with a book (or maybe a few books) and you’d like to see sell more copies, you absolutely have to be… Continue Reading →

3 Reasons You Should be Using Grammarly

7 min read  If you read our blog on self-editing tips last week, you might have noticed a quick mention of Grammarly, the web-based editing and grammar tool. If you didn’t read that article, you can find it here. Today, I’m going… Continue Reading →

Email Marketing for Authors

9 min read  How many emails do you think you get a day? Dozens? Hundreds? Looking at your inbox can be overwhelming. Despite the sheer volume of emails sent a day, using email to reach customers is a tried and true means… Continue Reading →

Book Printing Simplified: Lulu Print API

5 min readLulu is proud to announce the release of our Print API, the first of several API connections we plan to offer the publishing and developer communities. What exactly does this mean for you? I’m glad you asked! Are you a… Continue Reading →

5 Tips for Editing your Manuscript

13 min read  If you’re a writer anything like myself, you’ve got a handful of manuscripts finished, languishing in desk drawers, or in your Dropbox gathering virtual dust. I love to write, but I am not as excited about editing. So a… Continue Reading →

How Does Print and Ebook Distribution Work?

8 min readYou’ve written a book (maybe even a few), designed a stellar cover, and self-published! You are a published author. Relish that feeling. Even though independent publishing platforms have opened the floodgates, you are still among a distinct few who call… Continue Reading →

Libraries and Self-Publishing

7 min readLibraries. A time honored monument to our desire to preserve our past and share our stories. Since people first began setting down their stories on paper, the idea of a library as both a physical place and an institution has… Continue Reading →

Lulu at the Writer’s Digest Conference 2017

8 min readWriter’s Digest has been serving writers for over 90 years. Primarily a monthly publication (also called “Writer’s Digest”) the magazine provides authors and publishers at all stages of the process with advice, tools, and opportunities to advance their writing and… Continue Reading →

The 6 DIY Cover Tips You Need for Your Book

11 min readPoll veterans of self-publishing, and you’ll likely hear the same advice from all of them: get an editor and get a professional cover designer. There are many factors to consider, but if you’re an author with aspirations for your book,… Continue Reading →

Entrepreneurs: Publish a Book, Make an Impression

6 min read  Self-publishing has improved a great deal since 2002, when Lulu first broke the mold and began offer writers a means to publish without going the traditional route. Today, the book market is flooded with self-published titles. While many of… Continue Reading →

Marketing Toolbox: 4 steps to long term success

9 min read  In case you haven’t been following our marketing toolbox series, you can find the first part here and the second part here. In the first we looked at important steps toward preparing your marketing plan and your book release…. Continue Reading →

Guest Blog: Using imitation to learn writing skills

3 min readDid you know that many famous writers improved their writing skills by copying the work of others? But even if you do not plan to become a professional writer, being able to write well is an important skill that you… Continue Reading →

Scientists Discover the Secret to Happiness: Adult Coloring Books

3 min readParents and babysitters have long used drawing and coloring as an effective tool to engage and calm anxious, unruly children. After all, there is nothing like a nice selection of crayons, a complicated pattern, and a little free time to… Continue Reading →

Marketing Toolbox: 3 Step Book Marketing Plan

8 min readOver the past few weeks, we ran a series called “Writer’s Toolbox” aimed at revealing some of the more useful tools a writer can utilize to improve their productivity. There are other programs writers use but we’ll have to consider… Continue Reading →

B-Corp: Resolution Renewals

3 min readHappy belated Second Half of the Year Day! For many of us, we began the year by setting a resolution or two. Back in January I thought 2017 would be the year I’d finally train myself to stop squeezing toothpaste from the middle of… Continue Reading →

Writer’s Toolbox: Evernote

9 min readEvernote is a powerful note taking and organizational tool. It features a simple and easy to use word processor, but you shouldn’t begin using Evernote with the idea that you’ll craft an entire manuscript using this software. Instead, think of… Continue Reading →

Overcoming Adversity: Publishing to Succeed

4 min readHow do you do it? This is the most common question I’m asked when people learn my story for the first time.  How do you juggle being an international author and self-promoter, all while traveling for book signings, raising four… Continue Reading →

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