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Lulu Custom Calendars: Daily Reminders of Your Best Memories

2 min readThe kids have returned to school, which means Summer vacation season is quickly receding into your bank of fond memories. If you are like me, you captured all the best (and most embarrassing) moments on your phone. You probably even… Continue Reading →

Summer Success Summit: Students Publish Guide for All Cool Kids

4 min readJuly’s Summer Success Summit at Shady Oak included the subtitle “formula for a happy, motivated child.” I have frequently taught high school students a similar program on the secrets of achievement, but this year I thought, “Why make kids wait… Continue Reading →

Introducing Lulu Academy: Enroll Today

2 min readAt Lulu, we believe education is crucial to successful publishing. Self-publishing is more than just sending your manuscript and cover files to a printer. If a self-published author wants to be in control of their work (rather than ceding control… Continue Reading →

The Price of Success: Not as High as You Think

2 min readWe now know that devoting as little as five hours a week to your marketing plan can result in much higher sales. That seems like a minimal investment in time, but how much will it cost? We asked 4000 of… Continue Reading →

Human Trafficking Survivor: Marketing a Personal Journey

4 min read  Marketing your story can be daunting if you are a survivor. You might have been telling your story in a big or small group – to an audience at various conferences where the crowd is moved with compassion to… Continue Reading →

Need Some Help with Marketing? Ask a Friend

2 min readThe last question we asked our authors was where they turned for marketing assistance. While it’s easy to imagine bestselling authors employing a team of marketing experts, the truth is,  most of them did it alone. It’s refreshing to see… Continue Reading →

B Better Than Yesterday: Lulu Achieves B Corporation Certification

3 min readLulu is proud to announce we recently received certification as a B Corporation, making Lulu the first online publishing company to achieve B Corp status. This prestigious designation is awarded to companies that harness the power of business by observing… Continue Reading →

Five Hours to Success: Sell More Books

4 min readYou will spends months, maybe years writing, editing, and rewriting your book. When all of that is done, you can release your work into the world with just a few clicks on  For some authors the work stops there,… Continue Reading →

Driving Online Traffic and Book Sales

2 min readIn previous articles we have discussed the two the key components of marketing your book (knowing your audience and knowing your book). Now we can talk about how to drive sales through the use of marketing tactics, which is a… Continue Reading →

Make More Money: Include Lulu Discounts in Your Email Marketing

2 min readSizzling Summer Savings! Warm Up with Hot Winter Savings! The Hottest Deals of the Season! Best Book Ever Written, Get It Now and Save! The words you choose to promote your books and new releases are all yours, but you… Continue Reading →

Lulu Poet wonders, “What took me so long?”

3 min readI have loved poetry for so long and I have loved wordplay perhaps since I learned to read. I should never have stopped writing when I did, but life happens, often when you are making other plans. My career in… Continue Reading →

Does Publishing More Books Result in More Sales?

1 min readThere is another secret to selling lots of books: writing lots of books. We asked our best-selling authors how many books they had written. Here’s what they said: Nine out of ten best-selling authors have published more than one book…. Continue Reading →

A Busy Queen Bee’s Journey to Self-Publishing Success

3 min readOn completing catering school I pursued a career in the hospitality industry, which required me to leave my beautiful France. I traveled quite a lot, working in both England and America. Sixteen years ago, I returned to the Channel Islands… Continue Reading →

Survey Says…. What Matters Most

1 min readWe asked 4000 of our top selling authors about their marketing plans and what they think mattered most to their success. Here’s what they had to say: Key Takeaways Positioning your book and understanding your audience are key to success…. Continue Reading →

Authors in the News: Elizabeth Urabe

3 min readWhen Lulu authors receive press coverage, we are happy to share it with our readers. This past weekend, Arizona artist Elizabeth Urabe was featured in the Prescott Daily Courier. Her series of adult coloring books are aimed at both calming… Continue Reading →

Inside Lulu: What the Interns Did This Summer

3 min readIntern Susan As an international student, I enjoy learning about different cultures and Lulu has employees from all over the world who support international markets. In the Lulu office you hear different languages spoken everyday. I also appreciate the company… Continue Reading →

Market Your Book: Developing a Distribution Strategy

3 min readIn the book business, determining where your target audience shops and how to get your books into those places is called developing a distribution strategy. While every author wants to walk into their local bookstore and see their books prominently… Continue Reading →

Get 90 Days Free Access to the Author Learning Center

3 min readThe Author Learning Center (ALC) is a one-of-kind online author education community designed to help educate, motivate, and support you as you work to become a published author. The center offers educational information about writing, publishing, and marketing from a… Continue Reading →

Market Your Book: Finding Your Audience

2 min readBuild your audience and sell more books with these tips from successful Lulu authors. In our last article on marketing, we talked about knowing your book’s target audience. Now it’s time to go out and get them. We asked 4000… Continue Reading →

Worth the Struggle: Advice for Aspiring Authors

3 min readWhen I first started writing, I just didn’t understand how a story was supposed to flow. No matter how many times my English teachers told me that a story should be written in such a way, I would just stare… Continue Reading →

Market Your Book: Knowing Your Audience

2 min readYou wrote and published a book. Congratulations! Now it’s time to think about the business of marketing and selling it. The most important challenge you face after publication is getting your book in front of people who want to buy… Continue Reading →

B Corp Update: Sooooooo Close!

3 min read“The B Corp movement is one of the most important of our lifetime, built on the simple fact that business impacts and serves more than just shareholders—it has an equal responsibility to the community and to the planet.” Rose Marcario,… Continue Reading →

We Are Orlando: Stories Lost

2 min readLulu was founded in 2002 to provide a better way to publish books. Our goal was to tear down the barriers that prevent people from sharing and benefiting from their stories, experiences and knowledge. Fourteen years later, nearly one million… Continue Reading →

Charlie Minds His Manners: Lulu Thank You Notes

1 min readCharlie is an indie author who recently self-published his book on He wants to expand his marketing options by building a mailing list to communicate with his readers. He discovers Lulu Thank You Notes and puts them to good… Continue Reading →

eBook Distribution: Understanding Your NCX or eBook Table of Contents

3 min readAs I perused  the Lulu mailbag this morning I was struck by the number of queries regarding NCX errors in eBook submissions. Some excerpts: My eBook was recently rejected from retail distribution due to an NCX error. What does that… Continue Reading →

Memoirs: If You Don’t Tell Your Story, Who Will?

3 min readHere in the USA, we celebrate Memorial Day on the last Monday of May. This day is a national holiday dedicated to the remembrance of our soldiers who died in war. It should also be a day in which we… Continue Reading →

Lulu Author Referral Program

2 min readHave you noticed anything new on the My Projects page lately? Lulu is excited to announce a new author referral program. Indie authors can now earn extra money, in the form of Lulu credits, by simply inviting their friends, family,… Continue Reading →

Press Release: Michael Mandiberg and Lulu Join for PrintWikipedia Berlin

2 min readLulu Press and Artist Michael Mandiberg Print German Edition of Wikipedia for PrintWikipedia Exhibit in Berlin, Germany May 28 — July 2 Berlin, Germany — May 25, 2016 —, the first and largest self-publishing platform in the world, is… Continue Reading →

Helpful Hints for eBook Distribution: Revise!

2 min readThere are a lot of issues that can keep eBook submissions out of retail distribution channels. We regularly see a multitude of issues with capitalization, metadata, NCX files, and so forth. But the number one reason for rejection is The… Continue Reading →

Winning at Writing

3 min read  When I won my first writing competition I was almost 40, living in a run-down farmhouse in rural Australia and working odd jobs. I was a waitress, a mill worker and, on weekends, I guided tourists through a crocodile… Continue Reading →

Bring on the Reviews!

3 min readThank you, Internet for connecting all of us, all the time. I can’t make any decision without consulting the web for reviews. Need new tires? Find some affordable options and compare reviews. A new computer? Same. Dinner out? More of… Continue Reading →

ATCG: Lulu Prints The Human Code

2 min readHow many pages would it take for you to write the story of you? This story will contain your most intimate details such as height, eye color, facial structure, heart size, hair patterns and all the other details that make… Continue Reading →

One Minute of Inspiration

1 min readYour life consists of many chapters. Each describing a portion of who you are. When put together, these chapters create your story. Since 2002, Lulu has helped nearly 1 million people tell their stories. The world is waiting to hear… Continue Reading →

Journey by Journal

3 min readMargaret Holland says that keeping a journal was first an assignment, but over time, it took on a larger purpose as she began to understand herself and her experiences more clearly. She determined a book, based on her journals, would… Continue Reading →

Lulu Print-on-Demand – How It Works. Why It’s Great.

2 min readIn 2002 Lulu made publishing available to everyone through the use of print-on-demand technology. Our free, online tools allow authors to publish and distribute their work to online bookstores around the world. There are no upfront costs for publishing, other… Continue Reading →

Lulu: Good for Authors, Good for the World

2 min read“The B Corp movement is one of the most important of our lifetime, built on the simple fact that business impacts and serves more than just shareholders—it has an equal responsibility to the community and to the planet.” Rose Marcario,… Continue Reading →

Finding Myself Among The Wolves

3 min readRecently, I published my first novel Wolves of the Shadowlands with Although it hasn’t been the most commercially successful piece of writing ever, the experience taught me a lot about writing and about myself. I am 17-years old and… Continue Reading →

#LuluinLondon: The London Book Fair 2016

3 min readA Spectacular Celebration of International Publishing: The London Book Fair 2016 Last week members from the team attended the 45th annual London Book Fair! The event took place in Olympia, London from April 12th through the 14th. The team… Continue Reading →

The Future is Now!

3 min readLulu Press is situated right on the edge of NC State University in Raleigh, North Carolina. Among the benefits of this location are ample affordable eateries for lunch, coffee shops to keep us running, and the beautiful campus itself. For… Continue Reading →

HB2 and the Lulu Way

2 min read  Lulu stands for being remarkable. We strive every day to make the world a better place by allowing authors to tell their stories through the free flow of information for the benefit of humanity. We accomplish this through an… Continue Reading →

Calling All Authors: NY Book Show Cover Design Competition

3 min readThe staying power of printed books have always been evident, even as new technologies emerged to woo the masses. There are countless individuals who never questioned the value of physical books. In fact, the importance of the printed book, as… Continue Reading →

Press Release: Lulu Press Challenges the Economics of Traditional Academic Publishing with the Launch of Glass Tree

3 min readRALEIGH, NC – <April 12, 2016> – Lulu, the world’s first and largest independent publisher, announced at the London Book Fair the launch of Glass Tree, an online publishing site dedicated to meeting the needs of academic and scholarly authors… Continue Reading →

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