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Scientists Discover the Secret to Happiness: Adult Coloring Books

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crayonsParents and babysitters have long used drawing and coloring as an effective tool to engage and calm anxious, unruly children. After all, there is nothing like a nice selection of crayons, a complicated pattern, and a little free time to distract a child from the troubles of the world.

Recently, this soothing childhood activity has been adopted by a slightly older demographic. What started as a quirky pastime has become a worldwide trend, as evidenced by the number of adult coloring books making their way onto international bestseller lists. This trend may be a throwback to childhood memory, but in actuality it may also be the books’ therapeutic properties that have them flying off shelves.

Based on studies dating back to the early 20th century, coloring generates wellness, quietness and stimulates brain areas related to motor skills, the senses and creativity. Psychiatrist Carl Jung prescribed coloring complex mandalas for his patients as a means to calm and center their minds.Mandala Coloring Book

Brain scans reveal that when coloring, different areas of our two cerebral hemispheres are activated. Dr. Stan Rodski, a neuropsychologist who also happens to be the author of his own line of adult coloring books, says that coloring elicits a relaxing mindset, similar to what you would achieve through meditation. Like mediation, coloring allows us to switch off our brains from other thoughts and focus on the moment rather than worrying about what did or did not / may or may not happen.

Dr. Joel PeZenarson, a brain scientist at the University of New South Wales in Australia theorizes a different explanation for the therapeutic effect: Concentrating on coloring an image may facilitate the replacement of negative thoughts and images with pleasant ones. “You have to look at the shape and its size, you have to look at the edges, and you have to pick a color. These activities occupy the same parts of the brain that stop anxiety-related mental imagery from happening.” In the simplest of terms, coloring has a scientifically recognized de-stressing effect.

So, if you are parenting or “babysitting” an anxious, unruly adult in need of a soothing distraction, grab a few markers and sit them down with a coloring book. It’s scientifically proven to replace the stress of adult life with childlike happiness.

Get started on your path to serenity today with a few of our favorite selections.

Your happiness deserves it.

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Coloring with Chakras: Does Your Mood Affect the Colors You Choose?

Authors in the News: Elizabeth Urabe

Authors in the News: Elizabeth Urabe

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Batik Competition

Artist Elizabeth Urabe with her award-winning Batik design.

When Lulu authors receive press coverage, we are happy to share it with our readers. This past weekend, Arizona artist Elizabeth Urabe was featured in the Prescott Daily Courier. Her series of adult coloring books are aimed at both calming your mind and expanding it.

From the Daily Courier:

One coloring book led to another and another. Now artist Elizabeth Urabe has three adult coloring books under her creative belt. The first book took two months to design and create the short meditation poems on the facing pages. The next two books came more quickly, both were published in June.

The Ash Fork resident said her coloring books help open one’s consciousness. As users fill in the spaces of the amoeba-like designs, they “discover and return to a state of oneness with their inner truth and source of all life.”

While some adult coloring books are designed to relieve stress, hers does that and more. Her books generate “creative tension, a chosen, disciplined response to seemingly paradoxical truths which involves holding the discomfort consciously within our own being until the energies merge, take form, and lift us up to a new dimension of reality.”

The point of her coloring books is not just about reducing fears and anxieties. Rather, it’s to get to the bottom of it. “You are responsible for your stress,” she said. Coloring also takes one back to the carefree feelings of being a kid.

Urabe has been doing similar art for more than 20 years, and has never cared about staying within the lines. “So what?” she said. “I loosen up my inner energy to face my demons and let it flow again.”

The text, she said, comes naturally. An example reads: “Summer slips away/winter draws near…while I rest/somewhere in between.” The imagery is meant to inspire and help create a safe space to allow mind and heart to travel to unexplored realms, she said.

The slender, energetic artist spent 16 years in Japan where she married and acquired the Urabe surname, a word that translates to “family of divine origin.” Her images are not geometric or of a mandala style. Rather they are like irregular cells with protuberances and eyes, squiggles and lines that radiate and cross over and under each other. “Each image is repeated three times with 90-degree rotations. Each rotation has its own energy and provides a totally different healing process,” Urabe said.

Color Me FreedomAbout the Author

Urabe’s adult coloring books are available for purchase in the Lulu bookstore: Color Me Freedom (available in English, Spanish, French, German and Russian), The Colors of OM , and Seven Shades of Dharma. She has also published a multi-generational coloring book entitled Kids Colors.

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Scientists Discover the Secret to Happiness: Adult Coloring Books

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Coloring with Chakras: Does Your Mood Affect the Colors You Choose?

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Coloring with Chakras: Does Your Mood Affect the Colors You Choose?

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It seems adult coloring books are everywhere this year!  Did you know that 10 out of 20 books on the bestseller list are currently coloring books?  Who would have thought we could find such bliss in such a simple, yet unique form of expression.

Due to coloring’s health and happiness benefits, it’s no surprise the trend is taking over.  In our recent blog post: Scientists Discover The Secret To Happiness: Adult Coloring Books, Glenn gave us a glimpse into the positive psychological elements of the art.

Now that we know the act of coloring has capabilities to reduce stress, let’s take a  deeper look.  The field, color psychology, is devoted to analyzing the emotional and behavioral effects produced by colors and color combinations.   How does each color make you feel? Do you connect with certain colors?

Yoga and meditation enthusiasts are probably already familiar with Chakras.  For those who aren’t, the study of chakras is traced back to ancient Hindu studies. Chakras are associated with the seven centers of the human body where each center is associated with a color related to the general function or characteristics of the center.


The choice of color is a reflection of our emotions, and possibly the language expressed in adult coloring.  Do you emotionally connect with certain colors?  Most adults may not realize the subconscious connection between emotion and color.  The act of coloring provides a mirror of our emotions.  Pick up an adult coloring book today and connect the colors of your world.

Entwined: A Coloring Book to Help You Unwind and Relax

Color is a universal language – it is simple and at the same time very profound.

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