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Happy, Healthy AND Prosperous Holidays

1 min readThe Christmas holidays are quickly approaching. Here’s a bit of advice to help make them merry. Smile often and laugh loudly – it will increase your happiness. Drink lots of water, wash your hands often, and get lots of sleep… Continue Reading →

Holiday Success: The Magic of Drop Shipping

3 min readOver the last several months we have discussed marketing strategies, expanding your internet presence, and promoting your books. To help you better prepare for the holidays, we have also discussed taking advantage of Lulu’s weekly discounts to not only restock… Continue Reading →

The Price of Success: Not as High as You Think

2 min readWe now know that devoting as little as five hours a week to your marketing plan can result in much higher sales. That seems like a minimal investment in time, but how much will it cost? We asked 4000 of… Continue Reading →

Need Some Help with Marketing? Ask a Friend

2 min readThe last question we asked our authors was where they turned for marketing assistance. While it’s easy to imagine bestselling authors employing a team of marketing experts, the truth is,  most of them did it alone. It’s refreshing to see… Continue Reading →

Five Hours to Success: Sell More Books

4 min readYou will spends months, maybe years writing, editing, and rewriting your book. When all of that is done, you can release your work into the world with just a few clicks on Lulu.com.  For some authors the work stops there,… Continue Reading →

Make More Money: Include Lulu Discounts in Your Email Marketing

2 min readSizzling Summer Savings! Warm Up with Hot Winter Savings! The Hottest Deals of the Season! Best Book Ever Written, Get It Now and Save! The words you choose to promote your books and new releases are all yours, but you… Continue Reading →

A Busy Queen Bee’s Journey to Self-Publishing Success

3 min readOn completing catering school I pursued a career in the hospitality industry, which required me to leave my beautiful France. I traveled quite a lot, working in both England and America. Sixteen years ago, I returned to the Channel Islands… Continue Reading →

Finding Myself Among The Wolves

3 min readRecently, I published my first novel Wolves of the Shadowlands with Lulu.com. Although it hasn’t been the most commercially successful piece of writing ever, the experience taught me a lot about writing and about myself. I am 17-years old and… Continue Reading →

Tell Your Story: My Last Birthday Wish

3 min readOn January 9, 2016, a doctor told me: “This will be your last Birthday” You see, I woke up January 5, 2016 and I was totally blind. I called another doctor when the first told me I was diabetic. He… Continue Reading →

Top 3 Ways to Ensure Self-Publishing Success

2 min readContributed by Dan Dillon, Lulu Director of Product Marketing I recently had the pleasure to co-present a webinar with Bowker on Self-Publishing: Your Path to Success. Ralph Coviello, publisher relations manager at Bowker, shared copious insights into how the self-publishing… Continue Reading →

Tom Clements on Marketing His Successful Book: How to Write a Killer SAT Essay

3 min readBy the time The College Board unveiled a new essay component to the SAT in 2005, Tom Clements, a former college English instructor, had already been teaching prep classes for 15-plus years. He understood the components of good writing but… Continue Reading →

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